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High Roller Records, screwed pro music cassette, ltd 100, individually numbered, Crank is a new project by Nifelheim founding member “Tyrant”. For »Mean Filth Riders«, Crank's debut mini-album, he has put his bass aside and is instead singing and playing guitar on the six tracks “Rebels Of The Night”, “In The Wind”, “Thunder Road”, “Shooter”, “Mean Filth Riders” and “Hot Rock 'n' Roll Band” (the latter being a cover version of a song by obscure Finish mid-80s hard rock outfit Backsliders). “I've written songs that I like myself and recorded them together with people I like to play with,” comments the “Tyrant”. “Crank is about doing exactly what we want, when we want and how we want. We are not a band for everyone, nor are we meant to be.” The uncompromising Nifelheim founder has recorded the material with the help of some of his friends, namely Savage on guitar, Motokobra on bass and a certain J. Rocker on drums. You won't be surprised in the slightest that Crank's manifest according to the “Tyrant” reads as follows: “They play the hardest rock ‘n’ roll, and it'll take control of your soul. Their filthy biker image, it ain't just for show, they'll take on the weak, and make them bow down low. Crank will rule the world, with fear in their eyes, and the sound of their music will reach the skies. So if you know what's good for you, stay out of Crank's way, or you'll be through!” Of course, musically Crank bear no relation to the black metal roots of Niefelheim whatsoever. »Mean Filth Riders« mixes dirty biker rock with traditional heavy metal and presents it with a no bullshit attitude. It's highly authentic. There is absolutely nothing here that is studied, prepared or polished. Just imagine a red hot mixture of NWOBHM stalwarts like Tank, Mad Dog and Saxon with proto-punk/metal crossover pioneers The Blood, played with the raw minimalism of Larry Wallis era Motörhead and you roughly know what Crank are all about. Crank are incredibly refreshing in a world where even many of the hardest bands sit and polish every single note in the studio. So don't forget to crank it up!

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