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Jolly Roger Records, reissue 2023, black vinyl,...
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Jolly Roger Records, reissue 2023, black vinyl, first time on vinyl! C.O.E. was the last solo project band of the charismatic frontman S. L. Coe, most known as the voice of classic albums like Angel Dust "To Dust You Will Decay" or Scanner "Terminal Earth". With these two recordings the voice of S. L. Coe entered into the hearts of many metal-fans worldwide. After his last release with german Reactor on their "Farewell to Reality" in 1995, the singer retired dedicating his career as sound engineer (Dust Music studio owner) and producer (1MF label owner) but found time to run this project with good friends from 2000 to 2002. The album was released by Shark Records in 2000 and dedicated to the music that Coe most loves: Metal! In Germany he was entitled as "enfant terrible" and not beloved in the "scene" for his true and - straight in your face - talk. The track "Have a Drink on Me" shows clearly what Coe waited to say for long time to some guys! A biker, a metalhead and a Jack Daniels fan, S.L. Coe sings his truth on his songs, he practises what he preaches. Here are some words I found on his YT page: "album "Metal" failed to reach a broader audience because of the corrupt and dishonest metal press of Rock Hard and Metal Hammer, who feature bands especially when the record companies pay accordingly for advertises and pimpled teen "journalists" who think they can judge music of veterans who are more than 20 years on the road. After a hearing demage and not willing to deal with corruption and mendacity any more, S.L.Coe in 2002 decided to ultimately leave the music business". Out first time on Lp and with a new artwork this is a true and heartfelt JRR's tribute and homage to a great singer who recorded HM classics, dedicated his life to HM music and in my little opinion, took less than he deserved. This is for you Coe, Thank you!

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