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Metallic Blue Records, jewelcase, 17 tracks, US IMPORT! Chris Boudreaux is a multi-talented vocalist/musician that started his musical career as a drummer. Chris helped form the band “The Take” where they released a few demo cassettes before the band got a management deal contingent on them making Chris the lead singer. Chris became the frontman for the band, and they released the EP “Get Taken”. Chris departed “The Take” and formed the band “Soldier” where he released the album “My Window”. Chris moved on and formed his band “Boudreaux” where they recorded the song “Hunters In The Night”. In 1990 Chris got the opportunity to record with Donnie Iris and B.E. Taylor where he recorded the songs “Who Made Who” and “Turn Away Eyes”. In 1993, Chris re-formed the band “Boudreaux” with a new lineup where they recorded the album “Fallen Angel” which wouldn’t be released until 2021 on Metallic Blue Records and it quickly became the label’s highest grossing album. Both of Chris’ solo albums span from 1985 to 2023. The “Who Made Who” album has several catchy hair metal songs such as “Boys Will Be Boys”, “Love Me In Leather”, “Time To Be Young” and “Turn Away Eyes”, as well as some soft ballads including “Still Think About You”, “Strange Fascination” and the song “3 Words” featuring Fates Warning guitarist Frank Aresti. The album “Beside Myself” is a little more edgier than the album “Who Made Who” where is has the slightly King Diamond style heavy metal song “Two Fisted Night” that was recorded in the early 1990’s, but was not completed with the guitar solo until 2022, which was laid down by “Vektor” guitarist Erik Nelson. The album also features the guitar driven rockers “Hunters In The Night”, “My Window” and “Pretend You Cry”. This album has its softer side with songs like “Missing You” and the bluesy song “One Eyed Jack”.

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