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Dissonance, Chateaux formed in 1981 in...
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Dissonance, Chateaux formed in 1981 in Cheltenham, originally under the name Stealer, and made their recorded debut on the Ebony Records compilation ‘Metal Maniaxe’ with the song ‘Young Blood’, later released as a 7” single. Chateaux’s debut ‘Chained And Desperate’ featured Steve Grimmett on vocals, who was also a member of Grim Reaper at the time, and later Onslaught and Lionsheart. This release is complimented with the addition of liner notes from expert NWOBHM historian John Tucker, who conducted brand new interviews with Chateaux superfans Bill Steer (Carcass) and Ian Chains (Cauldron). TRACKLIST DISC 1: Chained And Desperate 1. Chained And Desperate 2. Spirit Of The Chateaux 3. Burn Out At Dawn 4. The Dawn Surrendered 5. Straight To The Heart 6. Baton Rouge 7. Son Of Seattle 8. Shine On Forever Bonus Tracks 9. Young Blood 10. Fight To The Last DISC 2: FirePower 1. Rock And Roll Thunder 2. Roller Coaster 3. Eyes Of Stone 4. Hero 5. Run In The Night 6. White Steel 7. Street Angel 8. V8 Crash DISC 3: Highly Strung 1. Highly Strung 2. Turn It On 3. Hot Touch At Midnight 4. Phalanx 5. Chase The Sun 6. Through The Fire 7. First Strike 8. One Too Many 9. Midnight Star

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