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Season of Mist, Opaque white 12" vinyl (33...
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Season of Mist, Opaque white 12" vinyl (33 rpm) in gatefold with alternative cover with red logo. Limited to 400 copies worldwide. CARNATION equals blistering death metal madness from Belgium. Their first full-length album, 'Chapel of Abhorrence', is a genuine homage to the old school death metal legends from the ‘80s and early ‘90s. Get ready for a journey back in time to the better days of shredding riffs, neck-breaking drums, and skull-crushing guttural vocals. With 'Chapel of Abhorrence', CARNATION welcome you to death’s domain and invite you to witness them rise to their throne! For fans of AUTOPSY, early-ENTOMBED, BOLT THROWER. Artwork by Juanjo Castellano Rosado. Tracklist: Side A:The Whisperer / Hellfire / Chapel of Abhorrence / The Unconquerable Sun / Disciples of Bloodlust / Hatred Unleashed Side B: Plaguebreeder / Magnum Chaos / Sermon of the Dead / Fathomless Depths / Power Trip

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