BUTCHER (Bütcher)
Speed Metal Samurai 7" WHITE

Osmose Productions, 200x white 7" in a black...
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Osmose Productions, 200x white 7" in a black paper innersleeve, download card, jacket full-color printed on 300g carton, coated paper (semi-gloss), all assembled in a plastic overbag. In true old-school fashion BÜTCHER presents an iconic 7” as so many legends before them did … Here we get their ferocious brand new song “Speed Metal Samurai” which lacerates like a laser katana with ruthlessly energetic drumming, flesh-melting riffs and the most metallic vocal venom-spitting you could want on such a small disc. Alongside this offering upon the altar of true steel is a cover of Manowar, the truest of them all. BÜTCHER have been conquering the world with their setlist that often includes a cover of “The Oath” and now we can have this formidable honouring of the greats in our own homes! This 7” is the exact right dose of 666mg to shoot you into action at any given moment while we salivate for more from the underground heroes. Swear the oath and do not miss this cut of fury forged in iron or you shall face the BÜTCHER!

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