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BMG Books / Metal Blade, Swing of the Blade follows Brian Slagel' s critically acclaimed 2017 book, For the Sake of Heaviness, which delivered a compelling inside look at how a metal-obsessed California teen built Metal Blade Records into the preeminent international home of heavy music. Rabid readers demanded more anecdotes, more bands, and more of Slagel' s musical wisdom. With Swing of the Blade, he delivers. Featuring a foreword by Slayer' s Kerry King, the new book is part memoir, part music-business primer, and all metal - delving deep into scenes and bands that fans worldwide obsess about. Slagel serves up more of his favorite memories about iconic musicians and events, and delves into even greater detail about his long and ongoing relationships with Metallica, Armored Saint, King Diamond and other heavyweights. Swing of the Blade is told in Slagel' s humble but authoritative voice. His view for the last 40 years- from the studio, side-stage and boardroom- offers an unprecedented look into the music, business, and passion that has made both Slagel and Metal Blade champions of discovering and nurturing the best heavy music on the planet.

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