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High Roller Records, white label testpressing, 8 page booklet, poster, restored & mastered by Patrick W. Engel at temple of Disharmony, Led by vocalist / guitarist George Witter, Shader came together in the long, hot summer of 1976. Struggling with drummers – Doug Sampson, later to be associated with Iron Maiden, passed through their ranks at one stage – they finally achieved a settled line-up in 1978. Working the London circuit but also extremely popular in the North of England, Shader decided to take the tried and trusted route of self-financing a single, and in 1981 recorded and released ‘Bad News Blues’ b/w ‘Banging Like A Shit House Door’. Like so many bands of the time, however, Shader only just managed to make ends meet and finally broke up. Once the band had gone their separate ways, Witter met up with drummer William Hayter and formed Bloodshot Eyes. This new outfit were in the studio by November 1983 and recorded five new songs. Sensing the potential for an album, Witter combined these recordings with a session Shader had put to tape in September 1982 and the result was ‘On My Knees’, an album issued under the Blooodshot Eyes’ name and released on their own Flat Bee records in 1984. Extremely rare and highly collectable, ‘On My Knees’ has been missing in action for many years. This new release replicates the original LP, with new interviews with both Witter and Hayter together with rare and previously unseen photos and memorabilia.

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