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High Roller Records, slipcase, ltd 500, restored & mastered by Patrick W. Engel at temple of Disharmony, Bloodshot Eyes was the band guitarist / vocalist George Witter formed after his previous act Shader had hit the buffers with just one single to their name. He quickly formed Bloodshot Eyes, although this band too spilt up in 1984 with just one album ‘On My Knees’ to their name. However, the following year Witter reconnected with his Bloodshot Eyes’ bandmate and drummer William Hayter, and together they set about creating a new line-up with Ian Secombe on guitar and John Prime on bass. The new-look Bloodshot Eyes booked time at Electric Landlady Studios in Tottenham in May 1985, and working through the night recorded five new songs and a remake of ‘The Pimp’, a track which originally should have appeared on Shader’s one and only single ‘Bad News Blues’ (the reasons why it didn’t are now lost in the mists of time). The plan was to make a start on a new album, to be called ‘Bad Blood’, but unfortunately, once again, after the recording the musicians went their separate ways This new release from High Roller Records contains all six cuts from that 1985 session, together with the two tracks from Shader’s ‘Bad News Blues’ 7” and 1983 recordings of ‘The Pimp’ and ‘Chasing Going Nowhere’. New interviews with both Witter and Hayter flesh out the story, together with rare and previously unseen photos and memorabilia.

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