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Metal Blade, digipack cd, Existing at the forefront of the Polish black metal movement, Blaze Of Perdition return in 2024 with their sixth full-length, Upharsin – a product of the band members environments and is somehow a step back to a more orthodox approach of black metal. Musically, Upharsin is a step back from the somewhat unusual direction the band followed on The Harrowing of Hearts. A rather dark and pessimistic tone is reflected by appropriately opressive music. Haunting and melancholic melodies rooted in traditional black metal meet unforgiving blastbeats and solemn marches, while emotional yet feral vocals aim to bring a proper sense of rage and disgust. „With Upharsin we aimed to open the wounds of humanity as a collective. The album reflects on how humans tend to gravitate towards conflict and strife. How religions, politics as well as other aspects of our everyday life are tainted and driven by our lower instincts as we willingly refuse to learn from our own history, as we choose to ignore and neglect the shadow aspect of our psychic reality, which in turn takes us further and further in the everlasting cycle of violence. It's probably the most realistic concept we've taken on, with noticeably less spiritual leanings and a much more grounded approach“, states Blaze Of Perdition.

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