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Blaze Bayley Records, “Soundtracks of my life” is the new release by Blaze Bayley (Wolfsbane and former Iron Maiden singer). Blaze Bayley started in 1984 with just the dream of being a heavy metal singer and touring the world. This dream started to become reality when he joined Wolfsbane, Iron Maiden and continued as a solo artist. Now, 30 years, many world tours and albums later, he is releasing a fabulous two disc set under his own label. 30 songs to celebrate 30 years! This release features two new songs written by Blaze Bayley and Rick Plester (former Black Symphony guitarist) called “Eating children” and “Hatred”. There are songs from his past that could not have been missed out like “Tough as steel” from Wolfsbane, “The clansman” from Iron Maiden and many others from his impressive catalogue of 9 solo albums, since he parted with the legendary Iron Maiden. Two acoustic songs are representing Blaze Bayley’s acoustic venture of last year. Because some songs have not been widely distributed before, Blaze decided to add the bonus songs from previous albums, with “Motherfuckers R us” as his favorite. Blaze Bayley personally selected all these songs because he did not want a typical greatest hit album, but an album with songs that have been important to him personally in his career. All songs have been remastered by Rick Plester to give the album a modern feel. The “Soundtracks of my life” album will be promoted by a world tour, starting off in South - America in January 2014 and followed by European leg of the tour and the rest of the world.

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