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Hammerheart Records, white vinyl, Ultimate Extreme Metal attack by Bio-Cancer, back with a Revengeance and coming to annihilate all Metal stages world wide! Bio-Cancer is an extreme thrash metal band based in Athens, Greece, formed in 2010, and was one of the leading acts in the emerging Thrash Metal scene of the early ‘10s in Greece. Since then, 2 full length albums have been released. The first one, “Ear Piercing Thrash” (2012) was released by Athens Thrash Attack Records, garnered huge attention from the global Thrash Metal scene, establishing the band’s following and got them recognized as one of the top Thrash Metal albums of the year in many lists. The second record “Tormenting The Innocent” (2015) was released by Candlelight Records and its reception was very favorable from fans and media alike. If you would begin to write these Greek speedsters off as another pseudo-crossover failure, then you are missing out on some incredibly tight and entertaining genuine Thrash Metal , written for the 21st century audience. On the front of live performances, Bio-Cancer have toured Europe multiple times, along with bands like Marduk, Origin, Immolation, Voivod etc. and have played many individual shows and festivals, in more than 30 countries around the world. In addition, Bio-Cancer has completed a month-long headline tour in China, being the first Greek metal band ever playing there. “Entertaining” really is the key word here. During the Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions, Bio-Cancer used the downtime to complete the composition, recording and production of the 3rd full-length album. Bio-Cancer seem to fill every nook and cranny of their sound with subtle compositional devices which make a huge difference to the overall effect. A bass lick here, a drum fill there - it all adds up to a unique and memorable experience. Speaking of vocalist Lefteris; he puts on one hell of a performance here, completely balls-to-the-wall insane shrieks and a vitriolic lyrical delivery are the norm for this madman. In search of a unique style and identity, and wanting to escape from the strict old school Thrash Metal boundaries, the band created its most refined material yet. Original riffage, tuneful solos, a range of dynamics, and most importantly, a variation in pace. Death and Thrash Metal elements, combined with atmospheric and melodic parts, characterized by diverse tempos are the core parts of the 3rd full-length album, titled “Revengeance” and is by far the most mature piece of music Bio-Cancer has ever composed in 10+ years of existence. The production quality is stellar: the guitars and bass work together as one well-oiled machine, Tomek’s blast-beats are always highlighted superbly and the gang-shouts become an integral part of the compositions due to the gravitas given to them. The songs all have something that will make you want to come back and hear it again and again.

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