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Hells Headbangers, black vinyl, gatefold, ltd. 500, 2024 HHR LP re-issue with a studio bonus track of BATHORY's "Massacre," never before on vinyl! Comes in a gatefold cover with 4-page LP size insert and A2 poster of the cover artwork. Layout completed under the command of Damon Bloodstorm. At long last, a timeless classic returns: BESTIAL WARLUST's pivotal second album, Blood & Valour, now seeing release on digipack through HELLS HEADBANGERS! Originally released in 1995, Blood & Valour was the crucial follow-up to the Aussie barbarians' legendary debut album, Vengeance War 'Til Death. That debut almost singlehandedly started war metal, but it was with Blood & Valour where BESTIAL WARLUST confirmed that their "Satanic war metal" was truly a viable, lawless outback all its own and that their over-the-top violent savagery was no mere fluke. The lineup may have shifted, but the iron fist remained bloody: Blood & Valour more than lived up to its title, then and especially now. Added as a bonus track on this long-overdue reissue is the studio cover of BATHORY's "Massacre" previously only heard by close contacts of the band. SATANIC WAR METAL...BESTIAL fucking WARLUST!!! "BESTIAL WARLUST were indeed stocked with an arsenal like no other. Their moniker, the cover artwork, the verbiage, the look, the sheer sawn-off, noise-annoys oblivion they sought and then wielded with an iron fist...this was WAR METAL at Year Zero, and it's captured brilliantly. The sound itself is a weapon; barbaric crush is substituted for conventional riffs, and they wander about in a drunken haze of chaotic abandon. Even more garish and exaggerated than Blasphemy's, the short/sharp/shocked bursts of "guitar solo" are the accidentally avant-garde covering fire." - ZERO TOLERANCE magazine WAR METAL special

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