Spiritual Warfare CD

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Arkeyn Steel Records, ltd. 500 handnumbered...
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Arkeyn Steel Records, ltd. 500 handnumbered cd's, AWAKE was born when Mike Botello (ex - ASSALANT / MILITIA) teamed up with former MILITIA guitarist Jesse Villegas (Jesse also played with METAL MERCHANT from Houston Texas, he passed away back in 2016). This collaboration went from a “solo” project to a group effort with the introduction of drummer Rob Battalion. Together they formed a dynamic, high-quality Progressive Metal sound with compelling, thought-provoking lyrical content, exploring the overall content of the Christian religion and its message. "Spiritual Warfare" was originally released in the fall of 1990 on cassette. After the release, the band went on an 18-month sabbatical and reunited in 1992 with new drummer John Pace (his performance can be heard on the “Awake Hidden Gems” bonus track on this reissue). AWAKE continued to perform around central Texas and eventually departed in 1993. The "Spiritual Warfare" release can be described with only a single word: Phenomenal. It captures the talent and the artistic vision of a band that followed a unique path of expression away from the Metal stereotypes of the time. Texas Metal fanatics, Christian Metal specialists and Prog Metal nerds, all share a great piece of respect for the "Spiritual Warfare" album, while metal collectors are still after a copy of the original cassette on Shadow Records. Now everyone can have this masterpiece in this ultimate edition. All the audio is remastered from scratch by Kostas Scandalis at Infinity studios (Thessaloniki, Greece). The artwork has been upgraded by Kostas Athanasoglou, based on the original cover which was created by Mike Soliz (MILITIA, WATCHTOWER, OBLIVION KNIGHT etc), lots of photos are included together with the complete set of lyrics. Mike Botello himself wrote the liner notes. A new spiritual dimension is opened through the music of AWAKE. Get ready for the ultimate Texas Progressive Metal experience! For fans of SCARLET RAYNE, DEFYANCE, TRYTAN, BATTALION, HAVEN & RECON!

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