The Tomb Within MLP

Peaceville, black vinyl, printed inner sleeve,...
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Peaceville, black vinyl, printed inner sleeve, Autopsy emerged in 1987 and had an almost immediate impact on the global underground Metal scene. The band's debut album Severed Survival was released in 1989 on Peaceville Records and the band went on to become legends in the death metal scene, recording four studio albums in total, before splitting up in the mid 1990s. After a 15 year period which saw Chris and Danny heavily involved with their band Abscess, it was time to answer the wishes of fans worldwide and embark upon a fresh spree of Autopsy brutality, so on 19th July 2010 the band entered Fantasy Studios with Adam Munoz to begin new work, with original trio of Chris Reifert, Danny Coralles and Eric Cutler joined by Joe Trevisano on bass. The Tomb Within consists of 5 tunes of ultimate gore and depravity, and features cover art by renowned fantasy/horror artist Matt Cavotta.

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