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Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records, clear vinyl, ltd 115 Founded in 1983, ANGUS were one of the most respected Dutch metal bands of the 80's, releasing two cult metal LP's that featured high energy heavy metal with powerful riffs and rhythm section and the iconic vocals of the late Edgar Lois. In the past we had offered you both of these albums in high quality CD editions and it was about time to also re-release them on vinyl. The reissue of "Warrior of the World" that was originally released in 1987 (one year after "Track of Doom") will also feature as bonus tunes, the two ANGUS songs from the legendary "Heavy Touch" compilation (originally released in 1985), "Lonesome Fighter" and "Aliens". The reissue comes in deluxe 350gsm sleeve, 180gr vinyl, 2 page insert including lyrics, biography, tons of rare photos and black polyline inner sleeve. TRACK LISTING: Side A: 1. Warrior Of The World 2. Moving Fast 3. Leather And Lace 4. Money Satisfies 5. Black Despair 6. Lonesome Fighter Side B: 1. 2086 2 : Freedom Fighter 3. I’m A Fool With Love 4. If God’s In Heaven 5. Aliens

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