Wings of the Fallen LP BLACK

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BlackBeard/ Jolly Roger Records, black vinyl, US Ancient Empire are born from a Joe Liszt's (Rocka Rollas, Shadowkiller) idea. He joined the band Hellhound in the fall 2010 to play at the "Keep It True" festival in Germany in the spring of 2011. After playing there he realized how popular metal was in Europe, much more than United States. So, returned to the States from Germany he decided to do a straight classic metal style project inspired by the trip, helped by Steve and Rich Pelletier from Hellhound. The band is baptized Ancient Empire and to be considered as Joe's (studio) project: except for the first 2 albums, with Steve on drums and Rich writing lyrics, the others are all recorded by Joe only, taking care of music, lyrics, vocals, bass, guitars and drums. Ancient Empire till now recorded 6 albums, all under Stormspell label: "When Empires Fall" (2014), "Otherworld" (2016), "The Tower" (2017), "Eternal Soldier" (2018), "Wings of the Fallen" (2019), "Priest of Stygia" (2021), all well claimed by critics and fans; except for latest "Priest of Stygia" focused on fantasy / epic lyrics the others are all about Sci-Fi. Ancient Empire show a genuine and true tribute for classic, power metal (add a little of 90’s Iced Earth, Jag Panzer, Iron Savior to the 80’s giants) but forging at the same time an unique sound thanks to Joe's skills and passionate voice. He has been able to build a solid reputation in the metal scene with Ancient Empire, thanks to its intense music and engaging themes, becoming a point of reference for all fans of classic-metal. In 2018 Ancient Empire exceptionally played live at “Headbangers Open Air” in Germany with the help of members from Shadowkiller and from Hellhound. Available on vinyl for the first time.

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