Oimai Algeiou LP

Shadow Records, black vinyl, ltd 300, Formed in...
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Shadow Records, black vinyl, ltd 300, Formed in that fateful, fiery year of 1993, Sweden’s ALGAION took a counter direction to their contemporaries. Right from the start, with their self-titled demo in ’93 and the following year’s Heosphoros Ho Proi Anatellon demo, the duo of Mårten Björkman and Mathias Kamijo created a strikingly different black metal sound that had far more in common with the emergent Greek scene led by the likes of Rotting Christ, Thou Art Lord, and Necromantia. But it was ALGAION’s debut album, Oimai Algeiou, where that sound truly crystallized and etched itself into the hallowed halls of black metal legendry.

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