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Peaceville, Akercocke hail from London and...
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Peaceville, Akercocke hail from London and were formed in early 1997 by friends David Gray And Jason Mendoca, who had both previously been in the underground Black Metal band, Salem Orchid. The band already have one highly acclaimed album under their belt, the provocatively titled Rape Of The Bastard Nazarene, released via the bands own label Goat Of Mendes. With an accomplished debut under their belts and many prolific gigs around the UK under their belt it wasn't long before they caught the attention of the metal press. Terrorizer voted the band best unsigned act in the country in their 1999 end of year polls, and the album achieved the much acclaimed ?album of the month? slot in the August 99 edition. Signing to Peaceville seemed a natural step for the band as they have all been influenced by artists on the Peaceville label, such as the legendary Darkthrone and gore meisters Autopsy

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