By Any Means Necessary DLP BLACK

Lost Realm Records, black vinyl, ltd. 250,...
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Lost Realm Records, black vinyl, ltd. 250, hand-numbered certificate, A3 poster, insert, This band does not need big introductions. For all American Metal aficionados, especially with regard to Texas Metal, AGGRESSOR cannot go unnoticed. Their debut album "By Any Means Necessary" is a classic of its kind and possibly one of the best heavy metal albums of the 90s! Edited for the first time on vinyl, it is a great pleasure that we bring you, AGAIN, a deluxe edition that no one will want to miss! "HELSTAR, S.A. SLAYER, JUGGERNAUT, MILITIA, WATCHTOWER... Texas gave birth to a bunch of excellent heavy metal bands. Some of them became well known on the international scene, and some of them are known to a small circle of die hard followers only. Hard to say what would happen to AGGRESSOR if they would release more than just one album in 1992, or if they would release it on a major label back in the day. But one thing is sure: "By Any Means Necessary" is a piece of traditional U.S. heavy metal of the highest quality. Massive rhythm section, aggressive riffs, great vocal lines and great solos - sounds like a recipe for a perfect heavy metal album, doesn't it? "By Any Means Necessary" is often called a "holy grail" of heavy metal, as the album was originally available in micro quantity only, and never reissued. The original CD is probably one of the most rare heavy metal releases, and surely one of the most expensive ones."

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