Far Flung Realm LP+7" BLACK

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Cruz Del Sur, black vinyl, 11 songs of classic,...
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Cruz Del Sur, black vinyl, 11 songs of classic, European-inspired epic power metal! The re-release of Adamantis’s universally hailed Far Flung Realm debut — a timeless, majestic mix of power metal for fans of Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray and Running Wild! Spawned by Helloween in the mid-1980s then carried throughout the ensuing decade by the likes of Angra, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray and Stratovarius, European power metal is a style few can master. Essential ingredients include a soaring vocalist, dueling guitars, a battering ram of a rhythm section and, most importantly, songs that both engage and inspire. It is rare when a young band displays such mastery of these skills, which is why Cruz Del Sur Music quickly swooped in and signed Massachusetts’ Adamantis barely a month after the self-release of their Far Flung Realm debut full-length for proper release in 2021.

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