If You Want Blood You've Got It (50th Anniversary Edition) LP GOLD

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Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings, ltd. 180g...
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Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings, ltd. 180g gold nugget vinyl, w/ insert, The band's breathtaking power in If You Want Blood You've Got It produced a stone-cold classic. The LP consistently ranks high in polls of the best live albums, and for good reason: other concert records may have more songs, more top-40 hits or even more crowd-pleasing gimmicks to offer. But few can match the sheer enthusiasm and reckless abandon that AC/DC have captured on this magnificent concert document. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the rock'n'roll kings of AC/DC, Columbia Records / Legacy Recordings are releasing the band's back catalog in truly royal style: as a golden, limited vinyl edition. Each LP in this special edition comes with a print (30cm*30 cm) featuring brand new AC/DC anniversary artwork. The longplayer, released in October 1978, is the band's first live album and one of the best live albums in music history. The tracks on the LP are taken from a recording from the Glasgow Apollo.

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