Myriad Woes LP BLACK

War Anthem Records, black vinyl, limited to 300...
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War Anthem Records, black vinyl, limited to 300 copies, incl 2-page insert, War Anthem Records proudly presents the third full-length of Polish Black/Doom act ABOVE AURORA! The duo from Poznan combines eerie melodies, trans-inducing grooves with dissonance and drone. Inspired by bands such as Funeral Mist, Aosoth or Kriegsmaschine, they have released two full-length albums, “Onwards Desolation” and “The Shrine of Deterioration”, along with an EP entitled “Path to Ruin”. Now, ABOVE AURORA continue to spread their gospels of disappointment, inner struggle and futility with “Myriad Woes”. Recorded at Antisound Studio with Michal “Neithan” Kielbasa. Mixed and mastered by Filip Halucha / Heinrich House Studio. Cover artwork by Dominika Pera.

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