NIGHT COBRA - Dawn of the Serpent  CDTANK - Honour & Blood  CDTANK- This Means War  CDTANK - Power of the Hunter  CDTANK - Filth Hounds of Hades  CD
FORTRESS - Don't Spare the Wicked  CDSLAUGHTER - Not Dead Yet  CDDESTRUCTION - Bestial Invasion of Hell  CDHITTEN - Triumph & Tragedy  CDSLAVES - Insolent Aggression  CD
INSANE - Wait and Pray  CDLIVING DEATH - Protected from Reality / Back to the Weapons CDTHE RODS - Heavier than Thou  CDTHE RODS - Wild Dogs  CDTHE RODS - s/t  CD
THE RODS - Rock Hard  CDWINTERHAWK - Revival  CDLUCIFER'S HAMMER - The Trip  CDSCALD - Will of the Gods is Great Power  DCDWITCH CROSS - Angel of Death  CD
WITCHFYNDE - Give 'em Hell  CDBLAQUE JAQUE SHALLAQUE - Blood on My Hands  CDTOAD THE WET STROCKET - Rock 'n' Roll Runners  CDBRATS - The Lost Tapes - Copenhagen 1979  CDTOKYO BLADE - Night of the Blade ... The Night Before  CD
ASSASSIN - Holy Terror/ The Saga of Nemesis  CDSATAN'S FALL - Final Day  CDOSTROGOTH - Before the Full Moon  CD BOOKHAUNT - Flashback  CDRAZOR - Escape the Fire  CD
HAMMERHEAD - Destroyer  CDLORD FIST - Wilderness of Hearts  CDMESSIAH - Fracmont  CDMESSIAH - Fatal Grotesque Symbols - Darken Universe  MCDCHALICE - Trembling Crown  CD
RITUAL - Valley of the Kings   CDFAITHFUL BREATH - Skol  CDFAITHFUL BREATH - Gold 'n' Glory  CDFAITH AND FIRE - Accelerator  DCDSLAUGHTER - Surrender or Die  CD
TÖXIK DEATH - Sepulchral Demons  CDDRAGONSLAYER - Dragon Drums  CDSLAUGHTER MESSIAH - Putrid Decade of Morbid Terror  CDJAMESON RAID - Raiderstronomy  CDCOMMANDO - Rites of Damnation  MCD
LUZIFER - Black Knight / Rise  MCDANGEL DUST - To Dust You Will Decay  CDANGEL DUST - Into the Dark Past  CDHIGH SPIRITS - Hard to Stop  CDHEXX - Entangled in Sin  CD
WHITE HEAT - Soldier of Fortune  MCDLORD VIGO - Danse De Noir  CDBLOODSHOT EYES - Bad Blood  CDSPEED QUEEN - Still on the Road  MCDRENEGADE / RED - Last Warrior  MCD
STALLION - Slaves of Time  CDAMBUSH - Infidel  CDSLAUGHTER MESSIAH - Cursed to the Pyre  CDRAZOR - Armed and Dangerous - 35th Anniversary Edition  CDOPPROBRIUM - Discerning Forces  CD
OPPROBRIUM - Beyond the Unknown  CDSTYGIAN SHORE - s/t  MCDSATAN'S FALL - Past of  CDDIABOLIC NIGHT - Beyond the Realm  CDRAW DEAL - Cut Above the Rest  CD
HELVETETS PORT - Exodus to Hell  CDLETHAL STEEL - Running from the Dawn  MCDDEAD KOSMONAUT - Gravitas  CDDEAD KOSMONAUT - Rekviem  MCDASSASIN - Lonely Southern Road  MCD
JOSEPH THOLL - Devil's Drum  CDBLOODSHOT EYES - On My Knees  CDACID - Engine Beast  CDACID - Maniac  CDACID - s/t  CD
RUNEMAGICK - Into Desolate Realms  CDTHE WIZARDS - s/t  CDRANDOM BLACK - Under the Cross  DCDMORBID SAINT - Spectrum of Death  CDROBERT PEHRSSON'S HUMBUCKER - Out of the Dark  CD
SHOCK TREATMENT - Binary Fall Out  CD  EPTRENCH HELL - Southern Cross Ripper  MCDRITUAL - Surrounded by Death CDLEGENDRY - The Wizard and the Tower Keep  CDSTORMWITCH - The Beauty and the Beast  CD
REPENT - Condemned to Fail  CDVECTOM - Rules of Mystery  CDVECTOM - Speed Revolution  CDDEATH SS - Rock 'n' Roll Armageddon  CDPOWER FROM HELL - Profound Evil Presence  CD
METALIAN - Vortex  CDWITCH CROSS - Fighting Back - The Studio Anthology 1983-1985  CDALIEN FORCE - Hell and High Water  CDBRATS - 1980  CDINDIAN NIGHTMARE - By Ancient Force  CD
LEATHÜRBITCH - Into the Night  CDTHE WIZARDS - Full Moon in Scorpio  CDPROTECTOR - Summon the Hordes  CDHELVETETS PORT - From Life to Death  CDSAINT VITUS - V  CD
PROCESSION - Doom Decimation  CDOPPROBRIUM - The Fallen Entities  CDMYTHRA - Death and Destiny - 40th Anniversary  CDARC - Raiders of the Lost Arc  DCDASHBURY - Eye of the Stygian Witches  CD
BLACK VIPER - Hellions of Fire  CDTHE WIZARDS - Rise of the Serpent  CDMESSIAH - The Choir of Horrors & Rotten Perish Era Live  CDFORTRESS - s/t  MCDTHE OBSESSED - Lunar Womb  CD
MESSIAH - Unreleased Demo 1984  CDMESSIAH - The Mighty Chaos Has Returned  (The Roots of Psychomorphia)  CDOUTLAW - Marauders  CDHERITAGE - Remorse Code  CDBLACK OATH - Behold the Abyss  CD
PROFESSOR BLACK - I am the Rock  CDHOLOCAUST - No Man's Land  CDETHEL THE FROG - s/t  CDARMORY - The Search  CDGASKIN - Beyond World's End  CD
METALIAN - Metal, Fire & Ice  CDMETALIAN - Wasteland  CDDAMASCUS - Cold Horizon  CD  GREEN COVERVIOLENT FORCE - Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow  CDVULTURE - The Guillotine  CD  ALTERNATE COVER
FLIGHT - A Leap Through Matter  CDPROTECTOR - Resurrected  CDLEATHER - II  CDDEATHSTORM - Reaping What is Left  CDSTORMWITCH - Stronger than Heaven  CD
STORMWITCH - Tales of Terror  CDSTORMWITCH - Walpurgis Night  CDWITCH CROSS - Fit for Fight  CDDAWNBRINGER - Nucleus  CDRIOT - Archives Volume 5: 1992-2005  DCD+DVD
TARGET - Master Project Genesis  CDTARGET - Mission Executed  CDVOJD - The Outer Ocean CDHELLISH CROSSFIRE - Bloodrust Scythe  CDLORDIAN GUARD - Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God  DCD
LORDIAN GUARD - Woe to the Inhabitants of the Earth  DCDWILLIAM J TSAMIS - Lordian Winds & Sea of Tranquilty  CDDEADHEADS - This One Goes To 11  CDRITUAL - Widow  CDBUNKER 66 - Chained Down in Dirt  CD
HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH - Hobbs' Satan's Crusade  CDANGUISH - Magna Est Vis Siugnah  CDVULTURE - The Guillotine  CDAIR RAID - Across the Line  CDHOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH - s/t  CD
HEXX - Wrath of the Reaper  CDQUAYDE LAHÜE - Day Of The Oppressor CDRIOT - Archives Volume 4: 1988-1989  CD+DVDJACK STARR'S BURNING STARR - Stand Your Ground  CDEPITAPH - Claws  CD
CHATEAUX - Chained and Desperate  CDBELL - Tidecaller  CDTYTAN - Rough Justice  CDSTALLION - From the Dead  CDCLOVEN HOOF - Fighting Back  CD
CLOVEN HOOF - Dominator  CDRIOT - Archives Volume 3: 1987-1988  CD+DVDRIOT - Archives Volume 2: 1982-1983  CD+DVDRIOT - Archives Volume 1: 1976-1981  CD+DVDDESTRUCTION - Cracked Brain  CD
DESTRUCTION - Live Without Sense  CDDESTRUCTION - Release from Agony  CDDESTRUCTION - Mad Butcher  MCDDESTRUCTION - Eternal Devastation  CDDESTRUCTION - Infernal Overkill  CD
DESTRUCTION - Sentence of Death  MCDTYTAN - Justice: Served!  CDMYTHRA - Still Burning  CDWOLF -  Edge of the World  CDHELLWELL - Behind the Demon's Eyes  CD
INFERNAL MAJESTY - No God  CDCLOVEN HOOF - Who Mourns for the Morning Star?  CDEVO - Warfare  CDSCREAMER - Hell Machine  CDIRON ANGEL - Winds of War  CD
IRON ANGEL - Hellish Crossfire  CDSTORMTROOPER - Pride Before a Fall (The Lost Album)  CDORIGINAL SIN - Sin Will Find You Out  DCDINFERNAL MAJESTY - None Shall Defy  CDHOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH - Heaven Bled  CD
ROBERT PEHRSSON'S HUMBUCKER - Long Way to the Light  CDDARKNESS - The Gasoline Solution  CDASHBURY - Endless Skies  CDCONDOR - Unstoppable Power  CDTITAN FORCE - Winner / Loser  CD
TITAN FORCE - s/t  CDSEVEN SISTERS - s/t  CDIRON ANGEL - Legions of Evil  CDARMORY - World Peace… Cosmic War  CDQUARTZ - Fear No Evil  CD
METAL MIRROR - The Dingwalls Tapes - Live in London 1981  CDSCHAFOTT - The Black Flame  CDSAVAGE MASTER - Mask of the Devil  CDHIGH SPIRITS - Motivator  CDHELLBRINGER - Awakened from the Abyss  CD
VULTURE - Victim to the Blade  MCDCRUEL FORCE - Under the Sign of the Moon  CDCRUEL FORCE - The Rise of Satanic Might  CDDEATHSTORM - Blood Beneath the Crypts  CDBLIZZEN - Genesis Reversed  CD
SAVAGE MASTER - With Whips and Chains  CDWARRIOR - Resurrected  CDWARLORD - Live in Athens 2013  DCDWARLORD - Holy Empire  DCDWARLORD - Rising Out of the Ashes  DCD
WARLORD - And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun ... DCDWARLORD - Deliver Us  DCDMANILLA ROAD - Dreams of Eschaton  DCDEXORCIST - Nightmare Theatre  DCDVANDALLUS - On the High Side  CD
MINOTAUR - Beast of Nations  MCDMERCILESS DEATH - Taken Beyond  CDGEDDES AXE - Aftermath  CDGEDDES AXE - Aftermath  CD  DIGITHE LEVITATION HEX - Cohesion  CD
CAULDRON - In Ruin  CDPROTECTOR - Cursed and Coronated CDSPLIT IMAGE - Before the Blitzkrieg - The Archives Vol. 3  CDAMBUSH - Desecrator  CDLETHAL STEEL - Legion of the Night  CD
DEADHEADS - Loadead  CDDEADHEADS - Loadead  CD BOX SETHOLY MOSES - Finished with the Dogs  CDHOLY MOSES - Queen of Siam CDARMOROS - Pieces  CD
WARFARE - Metal Anarchy: The Original Metal-Punk Sessions  CDWARFARE - Pure Filth: From the Vaults of Rabid Metal  CDSANCTUS - s/t  CDWARFARE - Noise, Noise, Noise (The Lost Demos)  CDEVO/ ALGY - Damned Unto Death  MCD
NEW LIGHT CHOIR - Volume II  CDHAMMERHEAD - The Sin Eater  CDCLOVEN HOOF - Eye of the Sun  CDMESSIAH - Extreme Cold Weather  CDPROTECTOR - The Heritage  CD
PROTECTOR - A Shedding of Skin  CDPROTECTOR - Leviathan's Desire  MCDPROTECTOR - Urm the Mad  CDPROTECTOR - Golem  CDPROTECTOR - Misanthropy  CD
DIVISION SPEED - s/t  CDRAZOR - Custom Killing  CDLIVING DEATH - Protected from Reality / Back to the Weapons CDDEADHEADS - This Is Deadheads First Album (It Includes Electric Guitars)  CDTRIARCHY - Save the Khan  CD
BLIZZEN - Time Machine  MCDEXUMER - Fire Before Possession: The Lost Tapes  CDNEGATIVE SELF - s/t  CDV1/ GIBRALTAR - The Spaceward Super Sessions  MCDDARKNESS - Thrash till Death!  CD
ALCOHOLATOR - Escape from Reality  CDBULLDOZING BASTARD - Under the Ram  CDRACE AGAINST TIME - Time Waits For No Man  CDAIR RAID - Point of Impact  CDIRON LAMB - Fool's Gold  CD
TRIAL - Vessel CDAKTOR - Paranoia CDEPITAPH - Crawling out of the Crypt  CDSTALLION - Rise and Ride  CDSTALLION - Rise and Ride  CD  DIGI
BUNKER 66 - Screaming Rock Believers  CDSTORMQUEEN - Raising the Roof CDHOLLOW GROUND - Warlord  CDSLAUGHTER - Strappado  CDBLOOD FEAST - Kill for Pleasure / Face Fate  CD
MANDRAKE - Breaking Out  CDAT WAR - Retaliatory Strike  CDAT WAR - Ordered to Kill  CDDREAM DEATH - Journey into Mystery  CDDYNAMITE - Blackout Station  CD
CAPILLA ARDIENTE - Bravery, Truth And The Endless Darkness  CDHELLISH CROSSFIRE - Slaves of the Burning Pentagram  CDAMBUSH - Firestorm  CDDESASTER - Live in Bamberg  DCDDESASTER - Live in Bamberg  DVD
CLOVEN HOOF - Resist or Serve  CDSTALLION - Mounting the World  MCDMESSIAH - Hymn to Abramelin  CDHEAVY TIGER - Saigon Kiss  CDDEEP MACHINE - Rise of the Machine  CD
HIGH SPIRITS - You Are Here  CDSPARTA - Welcome to Hell  CDTRANCE - Power Infusion  CDTRANCE - Break Out  CDNECRONOMICON - Apocalyptic Nightmare  CD
NECRONOMICON - s/t  CDEXUMER - Rising from the Sea  CDDARKNESS - Defenders of Justice  CDNOCTURNAL - Storming Evil  CDBLAZE - The Rock Dinosaur EP  MCD
BORROWED TIME - s/t  CDPROTECTOR - Reanimated Homunculus  CDVOLTURE - On the Edge  CDAXXION - Wild Racer  CDDARKNESS - Death Squad  CD
MASTER - Four More Years of Terror  CDMASTER - The Spirit of the West  CDPROCESSION - To Reap Heavens Apart  CDDEAD LORD - Goodbye Repentance  CDTHE LEVITATION HEX - s/t  CD
EXUMER - Possessed by Fire  CDDIAMOND LIL - s/t  CDJAG PANZER - Chain of Command  CDJAG PANZER - Shadow Thief  CDJAG PANZER - Ample Destruction  CD
JAG PANZER - Tyrants  CDTRAITORS GATE - Devil Takes the High Road  CDSCREAMER - Phoenix  CDWITCHGRAVE - s/t  CDWITCHBURNER - Bloodthirsty Eyes  CD
OMEGA - The Prophet  CDOUIJABEARD - Die and let live  CDDR. LIVING DEAD! - Radioactive Intervention  CDREPENT - Vortex of Violence  CDPHYNE THANQUZ - s/t  CD
BUNKER 66 - Infernö Interceptörs  CDBLACK MAGIC - Wizard's Spell  CDSIGN OF THE JACKAL - Mark of the Beast  CDHELLBRINGER - Dominion of Darkness CDGASKIN - Edge of Madness  CD
ZÜÜL - To The Frontlines CDHELLWELL - Beyond the Boundaries of Sin  CDBAD POETRY BAND - The One Way Romance CDMARQUIS DE SADE - Somewhere Up in the Mountains  CDBLACK ROSE - Loveshock  CD
NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Atomic Waste: Demos & Rehearsals  CDSTEEL ASSASSIN - WW II: Metal of Honor  CDBLAZE - s/t  CDEXISTANCE - s/t  CDCLOVEN HOOF - A Sultan's Ransom  CD+DVD
BADGE - Stormrider  CDTRAPPAZAT - From Dusk Till Dawn  CDBLEAK HOUSE - s/t  DCDURCHIN - Get up and get out  CDSCREAMER - Adrenaline Distractions  CD
BADGER BELL BAND - Faceless Gang  CDBIG DAISY - s/t  CDBEEHLER - Messages to the Dead  CDDAMASCUS - Cold Horizon  CD  RED COVERHIGH SPIRITS - Another Night  CD
SLINGBLADE - The Unpredicted Deeds of Molly Black  CDSPARTA - Use Your Weapons Well  DCDAXIS - Flame Burns On  CDANTICHRIST - Forbidden World  CDDR. LIVING DEAD! - s/t  CD
SCARAB - Rolling Like Thunder  DCDPROCESSION - The Cult of Disease  CDTRUFFLE - If You Really Want  CDTOKYO BLADE - Genghis Khan Killers  DCDSTORMCHILD - Maiden Voyage  CD
TANKARD - Alcoholic Metal  CDPROCESSION - Destroyers Of The Faith  CDJAGUAR - Opening The Enclosure  CDSLAUGHTER - Strappado  CD  REMIXNEKROMANTHEON - Divinity of Death CD
DEMON PACT - Released From Hell CDZÜÜL - Out Of Time CDAPOCALYPSE - Abandon Hope DCDSALEM - In The Beginning... CDBASHFUL ALLEY - It`s About Time DCD
PORTRAIT - s/t CDURCHIN - High Roller  CD