MESSIAH - Hymn to Abramelin  LPNIGHT COBRA - Dawn of the Serpent  LPHIGH SPIRITS - Another Night in the City  PICTURE SHAPECANDLEMASS - Don`t Fear The Reaper  10"EXUMER - Possessed by Fire/ A Mortal in Black  PICTURE SHAPE
NIGHT DEMON - s/t  PICTURE SHAPETANK - Honour & Blood  LPTANK- This Means War  LP+7"TANK - Power of the Hunter  LP+7"TANK - Filth Hounds of Hades  LP+10"
TANK - Don't Walk Away  MLPTOKYO BLADE - s/t  LPFORTRESS - Don't Spare the Wicked  LPSLAUGHTER - Not Dead Yet  LPMANILLA ROAD - Out of the Abyss  LP
DESTRUCTION - Bestial Invasion of Hell  LPHITTEN - Triumph & Tragedy  LPRAZOR - Armed and Dangerous  LPSLAVES - Insolent Aggression  LPINSANE - Wait and Pray  LP
LIVING DEATH - Protected from Reality  LP+7"THE RODS - Heavier than Thou  LPTHE RODS - Let Them Eat Metal  LPTHE RODS - Live  LPTHE RODS - In the Raw  LP
THE RODS - Wild Dogs  LPTHE RODS - s/t  LPTHE RODS - Rock Hard  LPCLOVEN HOOF - A Sultan's Ransom  LP+DVDWINTERHAWK - Revival  LP
LUCIFER'S HAMMER - The Trip  LPSOLSTICE - Death's Crown is Victory  LPSOLSTICE - To Sol A Thane  LPSCALD - Will of the Gods is Great Power  LPWITCH CROSS - Angel of Death  LP
SCALD - There Flies Our Wail!  7" JAG PANZER - Ample Destruction  LP  ORIGINAL MIX  CANADA COVERWITCHFYNDE - Give 'em Hell  LPMANILLA ROAD - Crystal Logic  LPMANILLA ROAD - The Courts of Chaos  LP
MANILLA ROAD - Spiral Castle  LPBLAQUE JAQUE SHALLAQUE - Blood on My Hands  LP+7"TOAD THE WET STROCKET - Rock 'n' Roll Runners  DLPVIKING - Man of Straw  LPVIKING - Do or Die  LP
BRATS - The Lost Tapes - Copenhagen 1979  LPTOKYO BLADE - Night of the Blade ... The Night Before  LPTOKYO BLADE - Night of the Blade  LPJAG PANZER - Chain of Command/ She Waits  PICTURE SHAPEJAG PANZER - Shadow Thief/ Viper  PICTURE SHAPE
JAG PANZER - Licensed to Kill/ Symphony of Terror  PICTURE SHAPEJAG PANZER - Deathrow/ Metal Melts the Ice  PICTURE SHAPEASSASSIN - The Saga of Nemesis  MLPASSASSIN - Holy Terror  LPSATAN'S FALL - Final Day  LP
OSTROGOTH - Before the Full Moon  BOXHAUNT - Flashback  LPRAZOR - Escape the Fire  LPHAMMERHEAD - Destroyer  LPLORD FIST - Wilderness of Hearts  LP
MESSIAH - Fracmont  LPMESSIAH - Fatal Grotesque Symbols - Darken Universe  MLPMILITIA - And the Gods Made War  LPCHALICE - Trembling Crown  LPRITUAL - Valley of the Kings  LP
RAVEN - All for One  LP+10"RAVEN - Wiped Out  LP+7"BLITZKRIEG - A Time of Changes  LP+10"FAITHFUL BREATH - Skol  LPFAITHFUL BREATH - Gold 'n' Glory  LP
FAITH AND FIRE - Accelerator  DLPSLAUGHTER - Surrender or Die  LPTÖXIK DEATH - Sepulchral Demons  LPJAGUAR - Power Games  LP+7"LEGENDRY - Mists of Time  LP+7“
DRAGONSLAYER - Dragon Drums  DLPSLAUGHTER MESSIAH - Putrid Decade of Morbid Terror  LP+CDISEN TORR - Mighty and Superior  12" EPJAMESON RAID - Raiderstronomy  LP+7"COMMANDO - Rites of Damnation  MLP
CLOVEN HOOF - s/t  LPLUZIFER - Black Knight / Rise  MLPANGEL DUST - Marching for Revenge  LPANGEL DUST - To Dust You Will Decay  LPANGEL DUST - Into the Dark Past  LP
HIGH SPIRITS - Hard to Stop  LPTROYEN - Nightmare - Anthology Part 2 (2014-2019)  DLPTROYEN - Syrian Lady - Anthology Part 1 (1981-1982)  MLPHEXX - Entangled in Sin  LPHEXX - Night of Pain / Terror  7"
WHITE HEAT - Soldier of Fortune  MLPLORD VIGO - Danse De Noir  LPWHITE MANTIS - Sacrifice Your Future  LPBLOODSHOT EYES - Bad Blood  LPSPEED QUEEN - Still on the Road  MLP
JAG PANZER - Ample Destruction  LP  METALCORE COVERRENEGADE / RED - Last Warrior  MLPSTALLION - Slaves of Time  LPAMBUSH - Infidel  LPSLAUGHTER MESSIAH - Cursed to the Pyre  LP
SLAUGHTER MESSIAH - Cursed to the Pyre  LPRAZOR - Armed and Dangerous - 35th Anniversary Edition  LPWOLF -  Edge of the World  LP  ALTERNATE COVEROPPROBRIUM - Discerning Forces  LPOPPROBRIUM - Beyond the Unknown  LP
STYGIAN SHORE - s/t  MLPDIABOLIC NIGHT - Beyond the Realm  LPRAW DEAL - Cut Above the Rest  LPHELVETETS PORT - Exodus to Hell  DLPLETHAL STEEL - Running from the Dawn  MLP
DESTRUCTION - Tales of Morbid Brains  DELUXE BOX SETSCHAFOTT / I AM - Split  7"DEAD KOSMONAUT - Gravitas  LPDEAD KOSMONAUT - Rekviem  MLPASSASIN - Lonely Southern Road  MLP
WARLORD -  Lost and Lonely Days / Aliens  12" EPWARLORD - And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun ... LPWARLORD - Deliver Us  MLP+7"ACID - Engine Beast  LP+7"ACID - Maniac  LP+7"
ACID - s/t  LP+7"RUNEMAGICK - Into Desolate Realms  LPRUNEMAGICK - The Opening of Dead Gates  MLPTHE WIZARDS - s/t  LPRANDOM BLACK - Under the Cross  DLP
MORBID SAINT - Spectrum of Death  LPPOKOLGEP - Metál Az Ész  LPPOKOLGEP - Éjszakai Bevetés  LPPOKOLGEP - Pokoli Színjáték  LPPOKOLGEP - Totális Metál  LP
CAPILLA ARDIENTE - The Siege  LPSHOCK TREATMENT - Binary Fall Out  12"  EPTRENCH HELL - Southern Cross Ripper  MLPAMBUSH - Hellbiter  7"BETRAYEL - Helpless Souls  MLP
RITUAL - Surrounded by Death  LPLEGENDRY - The Wizard and the Tower Keep  LPSTORMWITCH - The Beauty and the Beast  LPREPENT - Condemned to Fail  LPVECTOM - Rules of Mystery  LP
VECTOM - Speed Revolution  LPVAMPYR - Cry Out for Metal  LPNOISEHUNTER - Time to Fight  LPDEATH SS - Rock 'n' Roll Armageddon  DLPPOWER FROM HELL - Profound Evil Presence  LP
METALIAN - Vortex  LPWITCH CROSS - Fighting Back - The Studio Anthology 1983-1985  LP+7"ALIEN FORCE - Hell and High Water  LPBRATS - 1980  LPINDIAN NIGHTMARE - By Ancient Force  LP
SOURCE - Spelling Swords  7"LEATHÜRBITCH - Into the Night  LPTHE WIZARDS - Full Moon in Scorpio  LPPROTECTOR - Summon the Hordes  LP/ DLPHELVETETS PORT - From Life to Death  DLP
AIR RAID - Demon's Eye  7"SAINT VITUS - V  LPPROCESSION - Doom Decimation  LPCHALICE - Silver Cloak  7"ONSLAUGHT - The Force  LP
OPPROBRIUM - The Fallen Entities  LPMYTHRA - Death and Destiny - 40th Anniversary  LPARC - Raiders of the Lost Arc  DLPASHBURY - Eye of the Stygian Witches  LPBLACK VIPER - Hellions of Fire  LP
THE WIZARDS - Rise of the Serpent  LPFORTRESS - s/t  MLPTHE OBSESSED - Lunar Womb  LPOUTLAW - Marauders  LPHERITAGE - Remorse Code  LP+7"
BLACK OATH - Behold the Abyss  LPLUCIFER'S HAMMER - Time is Death  LPBLEAK HOUSE - Chasing the Wind  MLPSOURCE - s/t  MLPLEATHÜRBITCH - s/t  MLP
HITTEN - Twist of Fate  LPS.D.I. - Sign of the Wicked  LPS.D.I. - Satan's Defloration Incorporated  LPMESSIAH - Space Invaders  LPTYGERS OF PAN TANG - First Kill  LP
ETHEL THE FROG - s/t  LPARMORY - The Search  LPCOBRA - The Eclipse  7"GASKIN - Beyond World's End  LPMETALIAN - Metal, Fire & Ice  LP
METALIAN - Wasteland  LPBLITZKRIEG - A Time of Changes 30th Anniversary Edition  LPDAMASCUS - Cold Horizon  LP  GREEN COVERVIOLENT FORCE - Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow  LPVULTURE - The Guillotine  LP  ALTERNATE COVER
FLIGHT - A Leap Through Matter  LPMANILLA ROAD - Out of the Abyss - Before Leviathan  LPPROTECTOR - Resurrected  LPTHUNDERSTICK - Something Wicked This Way Comes  LPCLOVEN HOOF - The Definitive Part Two  LP
GASKIN - End of the World  LPLEATHER - II  LPCLOVEN HOOF - The BBC Sessions  LPDEATHSTORM - Reaping What is Left  LPSTORMWITCH - Stronger than Heaven  LP
STORMWITCH - Tales of Terror  LPSTORMWITCH - Walpurgis Night  LPWITCH CROSS - Fit for Fight  LPDAWNBRINGER - Nucleus  LPENFORCER - Death by Fire  LP
RIOT - Archives Volume 5: 1992-2005  DLP+DVDMESSIAH - Extreme Cold Weater  DLPVOJD - The Outer Ocean  LPHELLISH CROSSFIRE - Bloodrust Scythe  LPLORDIAN WINDS - Demo 1986  MLP
LORDIAN GUARD - Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God  LP+7"LORDIAN GUARD - Woe to the Inhabitants of the Earth  LP+7"VOJD - Behind the Frame  7"DEADHEADS - This One Goes To 11  LPVULTURE - Vendetta  7"
RITUAL - Widow  LP+7"RITUAL - Widow  LP+7"  2ND PRESSINGIRON CURTAIN - Road to Hell  LPIRON CURTAIN - Jaguar Spirits  LPTYRANT - Mean Machine  LP
SLAUGHTER - Strappado  LP  ORIGINAL MIXLUZIFER - Black Knight  7"PROCESSION -- Lonely Are the Ways of the Stranger  7"BUNKER 66 - Chained Down in Dirt  LPHOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH - Hobbs' Satan's Crusade  LP
ANGUISH - Magna Est Vis Siugnah  LPMANILLA ROAD - Mystification  LPVULTURE - The Guillotine  LPSAVAGE MASTER - Creature of the Flames  MLPHOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH - s/t  LP
PROTECTOR - Apocalyptic Revelations  9LP BOX SETHEXX - Wrath of the Reaper  LPHIGH SPIRITS - Escape!  MLPDEADHEADS - This Curse  7"QUAYDE LAHÜE - Day Of The Oppressor  MLP
RIOT - Archives Volume 4: 1988-1989  DLP+DVDVENOM - Live from the Hammersmith Odeon Theatre  LPJACK STARR'S BURNING STARR - Stand Your Ground  DLPEPITAPH - Claws  LPBLITZKRIEG - Unholy Trinity  DLP
SWEET SAVAGE - Killing Time  LPCHATEAUX - Highly Strung  LPCHATEAUX - Fire Power  LPCHATEAUX - Chained and Desperate  LPDIAMOND HEAD - Lightning to the Nations - The White Album  DLP
BELL - Tidecaller  LPTYTAN - Rough Justice  LPSTALLION - From the Dead  LPCLOVEN HOOF - Fighting Back  LPCLOVEN HOOF - Dominator  LP
CLOVEN HOOF - The Opening Ritual  LPRIOT - Archives Volume 3: 1987-1988  DLP+DVDRIOT - Archives Volume 2: 1982-1983  DLP+DVDRIOT - Archives Volume 1: 1976-1981  DLP+DVDDESTRUCTION - Cracked Brain  LP
MANILLA ROAD - Roadkill - The Raw Tapes  LPDESTRUCTION - Live Without Sense  LP+7"DESTRUCTION - Release from Agony  LPDESTRUCTION - Mad Butcher  MLPDESTRUCTION - Eternal Devastation  LP
DESTRUCTION - Infernal Overkill  LPDESTRUCTION - Sentence of Death  MLP US COVERDESTRUCTION - Sentence of Death  MLP  EURO COVERTYTAN - Justice: Served!  LPARMOROS - Apparitions - An Ode to Thrash  DLP
MYTHRA - Still Burning  LPCHASER - Raiders - The Anthology  DLPWOLF -  Edge of the World  LPHELLWELL - Behind the Demon's Eyes  LPINFERNAL MAJESTY - No God  LP
CLOVEN HOOF - Who Mourns for the Morning Star?  LPDEADHEADS / V.O.J.D. - Split  7"EVO - Warfare  LPSCREAMER - Hell Machine  LPSCREAMER - Monte Carlo Nights  7"
INFERNAL MAJESTY - One Who Points to Death  LPINFERNAL MAJESTY - Unholier than Thou  2001 REMIX  LPINFERNAL MAJESTY - Unholier than Thou  1998  LP+7"INFERNAL MAJESTY - Nigrescent Years of Chaos  LP+7"INFERNAL MAJESTY - House of War  7"
IRON ANGEL - Winds of War  LPIRON ANGEL - Hellish Crossfire  LPSTORMTROOPER - Pride Before a Fall (The Lost Album)  LP+7"ORIGINAL SIN - Sin Will Find You Out  LPPROCESSION - Of Doomed Beginnings  7"
INFERNAL MAJESTY - None Shall Defy  LPHOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH - Heaven Bled  LP+7"SAVAGE THRUST - Eat 'Em Raw  LPROBERT PEHRSSON'S HUMBUCKER - Long Way to the Light  LPDARKNESS - The Gasoline Solution  LP
ASHBURY - Something Funny Going On  LPASHBURY - Endless Skies  LPCONDOR - Unstoppable Power  LPTITAN FORCE - Winner / Loser  LPTITAN FORCE - s/t  LP
DEMON BITCH - Hellfriends  LPSEVEN SISTERS - s/t  LPLEGEND - s/t  LPKRAKEN - Abandoned  LPIRON ANGEL - Legions of Evil  LP
ARMORY - World Peace… Cosmic War  LPQUARTZ - Fear No Evil  LPHEXX / RUTHLESS - Tyrants of Steel Vol.1  7"SCHAFOTT - The Black Flame  LPHIGH SPIRITS - Motivator  LP
HIGH SPIRITS - Take Me Home  7"HELLBRINGER - Awakened from the Abyss  LPVULTURE - Victim to the Blade  MLPCRUEL FORCE - Under the Sign of the Moon  LPCRUEL FORCE - The Rise of Satanic Might  LP
DEATHSTORM - Blood Beneath the Crypts  LPBLIZZEN - Genesis Reversed  LPSAVAGE MASTER - With Whips and Chains  LPHITTEN - State of Shock  LPWARRIOR - Resurrected  DLP
ABYSMAL GRIEF / EPITAPH - Split  MLPWARLORD - Live in Athens 2013  3LPWARLORD - Holy Empire  3LPWARLORD - Rising Out of the Ashes  3LPWARLORD - And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun ... 3LP
WARLORD - Deliver Us  3LPPLASMATICS - Coup de Grace  LPMANILLA ROAD - Dreams of Eschaton  DLPMANILLA ROAD - Underground  LPDESASTER - The Oath of an Iron Ritual  LP
EXORCIST - Nightmare Theatre  LPVANDALLUS - On the High Side  LPMINOTAUR - Beast of Nations  MLPQUARTZ - Too Hot to Handle  DLPMYTHRA - Warriors of Time: The Anthology  DLP
CAULDRON - In Ruin  LPPROTECTOR - Cursed and Coronated LPBLITZKRIEG - A Time of Changes 30th Anniversary Edition  LPSPLIT IMAGE - Before the Blitzkrieg - The Archives Vol. 3  DLPHAMMERHEAD - Live at Brofest  7"
OVERDRIVE - Metal Attack  LPAMBUSH - Desecrator  LPLETHAL STEEL - Legion of the Night  LPDEADHEADS - Loadead  LPHOLY MOSES - Finished with the Dogs  LP+7"
HOLY MOSES - Queen of Siam LP+7"CRUMBSUCKERS - Life of Dreams  LPNUCLEAR ASSAULT - Handle with Care  LPNUCLEAR ASSAULT - The Plague  MLPAGENT STEEL - Unstoppable Force  LP
AGENT STEEL - Mad Locust Rising  MLPARMOROS - Pieces  LPWARFARE - Metal Anarchy: The Original Metal-Punk Sessions  LPWARFARE - Pure Filth: From the Vaults of Rabid Metal  LPSANCTUS - s/t  LP
ZÜÜL / HARBINGER - Split  7"IRON CURTAIN - Outlaw 7"HITTEN - Don't be late  7"THE UNSANE - Inverted Crosses  MLPMARTYR - Darkness at Time's Edge  LP
MARTYR - For the Universe  LPWARFARE - Noise, Noise, Noise (The Lost Demos)  LPSAVAGE MASTER - Black Hooves  7"AMULET - Bloody Night  7"EVO/ ALGY - Damned Unto Death  MLP
NEW LIGHT CHOIR - Volume II  LPS.A. SLAYER - Go for the Throat  LPS.A. SLAYER - Prepare to Die  MLPAGENT STEEL - Skeptics Apocalypse  LPPOSSESSED - The Eyes of Horror  MLP
POSSESSED - Beyond the Gates  LPHAMMERHEAD - The Sin Eater  LPNECRONOMICON - Escalation  LPCLOVEN HOOF - Eye of the Sun  LPDIVISION SPEED - Blazing Heat  7"
MESSIAH - Extreme Cold Weather  LPPROTECTOR - Live '89  LPPROTECTOR - The Heritage  LPPROTECTOR - A Shedding of Skin  LPPROTECTOR - Leviathan's Desire  MLP
PROTECTOR - Urm the Mad  LPPROTECTOR - Golem  LPPROTECTOR - Misanthropy  MLP + 7"DIVISION SPEED - s/t  LPRAZOR - Osaka Saikou - Live in Japan  LP
RAZOR - Custom Killing  LPLIVING DEATH - Back to the Weapons  MLPLIVING DEATH - Protected from Reality  LPDEADHEADS - This Is Deadheads First Album (It Includes Electric Guitars)  LPDEADHEADS - This Is Deadheads First Album (It Includes Electric Guitars)  LP
TRIARCHY - Save the Khan  LP+7"BLIZZEN - Time Machine  MLPHIGH SPIRITS - Official Bootleg  LPEXUMER - Fire Before Possession: The Lost Tapes  LPDEAD LORD / BLACK TRIP - Split 7"
NEGATIVE SELF - s/t  LPMIRAGE - Blind Fury  7"NIGHT VISION - Breaking the Chains  7"WHITE HORNET - s/t  7"GOLDSMITH - Life Is Killing Me  LP
V1/ GIBRALTAR - The Spaceward Super Sessions  MLPBLITZKRIEG - The Boys From Brazil Street: The Farm Tapes -The Archives Vol. 2  DLPROBERT PEHRSSON'S HUMBUCKER - The Hollow of a Rising Tone  7"DARKNESS - Thrash till Death!  DLPALCOHOLATOR - Escape from Reality  LP
BULLDOZING BASTARD - Under the Ram  LPRACE AGAINST TIME - Time Waits For No Man  LPAIR RAID - Point of Impact  LPDAWNBRINGER - Night of the Hammer  LPIRON LAMB - Fool's Gold  LP
NOCTURNAL - Violent Revenge  LPNOCTURNAL - Arrival of the Carnivore  LPTRIAL - Vessel LPTRIAL - Where Man Becomes All  7"AKTOR - Paranoia  LP
STALLION - 24/7  7"EPITAPH - Crawling out of the Crypt  DLPSTALLION - Rise and Ride  LPBUNKER 66 - Screaming Rock Believers  LPSTORMQUEEN - Raising the Roof  LP+7"
HOLLOW GROUND - Warlord  DLPSLAUGHTER - Strappado  DLPBLOOD FEAST - Chopping Block Blues  LPBLOOD FEAST - Face Fate  MLPBLOOD FEAST - Kill for Pleasure  LP
MANDRAKE - Breaking Out  LP+7"HELLBRINGER - Horror from the Grave  7"WEHRMACHT - Biermächt  LPWEHRMACHT - Shark Attack  LPAT WAR - Retaliatory Strike  LP
AT WAR - Ordered to Kill  LPMEDIEVAL - Medieval Kills!  LPMEDIEVAL - Reign of Terror  MLPDREAM DEATH - Journey into Mystery  LPNUCLEAR ASSAULT - Game Over  LP
DYNAMITE - Blackout Station  LPCAPILLA ARDIENTE - Bravery, Truth And The Endless Darkness  LPHELLISH CROSSFIRE - Slaves of the Burning Pentagram  LPNIGHT DEMON - s/t  LP  (expanded EP)AMBUSH - Firestorm  LP
DESASTER - Live in Bamberg  DLPCLOVEN HOOF - Resist or Serve  LPEXODUS - Bonded by Blood  LPPOSSESSED - Seven Churches  LPSTALLION - Mounting the World  MLP
HIGH SPIRITS - s/t  7"JAG PANZER - Ample Destruction  30th Anniversary BOXSETAMBUSH - Natural Born Killers  7"LUNAR ECLIPSE - s/t  7"ALPHA TIGER - Lady Liberty  12" MLP
WHIPLASH - Thrashback  LPHOLOCAUST - Live (Hot Curry & Wine)  LP + 7"MESSIAH - Hymn to Abramelin  LPENTRENCH / INSANE - Split 7"HEAVY TIGER - Saigon Kiss  LP
DEEP MACHINE - Rise of the Machine  LPHIGH SPIRITS - You Are Here  LPSPARTA - Welcome to Hell  LPBLITZKRIEG - Back from Hell  DLPDARK ANGEL - Darkness Descends  LP
TRANCE - Power Infusion  LPTRANCE - Break Out  LP+7"CARRION - Evil is There!  LPCOVEN 13 - Destiny of the Gods  LPSATAN'S HOST - Virgin Sails  LP
NECRONOMICON - Apocalyptic Nightmare  LPNECRONOMICON - s/t  LPEXUMER - Rising from the Sea  LPDARKNESS - Defenders of Justice  LPNOCTURNAL - Storming Evil  LP
BLAZE - The Rock Dinosaur EPLIVING DEATH - Metal Revolution  LPLIVING DEATH - Vengeance of Hell  LPBLITZKRIEG - The Boys From Brazil Street: 1981 Revisited - The Archives Vol. 1 DLPSOLDIER - Dogs of War  DLP
SERPENT - Possessed by Night  LPVIOLATOR - Scenarios of Brutality LPMETAL MIRROR - III  DLPWARHAMMER / BLACKWHOLE - Split 7"SPEEDTRAP - Raw Deal  LP
CORSAIR - Alpha Centauri  MLPDEMON - Unbroken  LPROBERT PEHRSSON'S HUMBUCKER - s/t  LPBORROWED TIME - s/t  LPCORSAIR - Ghosts of Proxima Centauri  MLP
CORSAIR - s/t  LPWYTCH HAZEL - Surrender and The Truth  MLPBITCHES SIN - The Ultimate Invaders  DLPDAGGER -- Mainline Riders  7"PROTECTOR - Reanimated Homunculus  LP
LEGEND - The Dark PlaceELIXIR - The Son of Odin  DLPTHE RODS - Vengeance  LPVOLTURE - On the Edge  LPTRAP - Assassinations  7"
MANILLA ROAD - Out of the Abyss  LPOVERDRIVE - Let the Metal Do the Talking  LPAXXION - Wild Racer  LPCARNAL GHOUL - The Grotesque Vault  7"THE OATH - Night Child   7"
DARKNESS - Death Squad  LPCOVEN - Worship New Gods  LPANVIL CHORUS - The Killing Sun  LP + 7"MASTER - Four More Years of Terror  LPMASTER - The Spirit of the West  LP
ONSLAUGHT - Power from Hell  LPONSLAUGHT - Power from Hell  LP 2ND PRESSINGONSLAUGHT - Power from Hell  LP 3RD PRESSINGONSLAUGHT - Power from Hell  LP 4TH PRESSINGPROCESSION - To Reap Heavens Apart  LP
DEAD LORD - Goodbye Repentance  LPBORROWED TIME - Arcane Metal Arts  LPTHE LEVITATION HEX - s/t  LPEXUMER - Possessed by Fire  LP + 7"HIGH SPIRITS - 2013  MLP
DIAMOND LIL - s/t  LPJAG PANZER - Chain of Command  LPJAG PANZER - Shadow Thief  LPJAG PANZER - Ample Destruction  LPJAG PANZER - Tyrants  LP
JAG PANZER - Historical Battles: The Early Years  4LP BOXTRAITORS GATE - Devil Takes the High Road  MLPDEEP MACHINE - Whispers in the Black  MLPPERSIAN RISK - Once a King  LPSCREAMER - Phoenix  LP
WITCHGRAVE - s/t  LPIRON LAMB / MOTORBREATH - Split  MLPMANILLA ROAD - Mysterium  LPU.D.O. - Live in Sofia  3LPWITCHBURNER - Bloodthirsty Eyes  LP
OMEGA - The Prophet  LPSAVAGE - Sons of Malice  DLPBORROWED TIME / WYTCH HAZEL - Split  7"MANILLA ROAD - The Circus Maximus  DLPTOKYO BLADE - Night of the Blade  LP
TOKYO BLADE - s/t  LPPROCESSION - Death and Judgement  EPOUIJABEARD - Die and let live  LPDR. LIVING DEAD! - Radioactive Intervention  LPMANILLA ROAD - Atlantis Rising  LP
REPENT - Vortex of Violence  LPALBUM - Zephaniah MLPDAWNBRINGER - Into the Lair of the Sun God  LPSENTINEL BEAST - Depths of Death  LPFLOTSAM & JETSAM - My God  DLP
VIKING - Do or Die  LPPHYNE THANQUZ - s/t  LPMANILLA ROAD - Metal  LPNOCTURNAL - Thrash with the Devil  LPJAMESON RAID - The Beginning Of Part II  LP
BUNKER 66 - Infernö Interceptörs  LPBLACK MAGIC - Wizard's Spell  LPSIGN OF THE JACKAL - Mark of the Beast  LPTANTARA - Based on Evil  LPASOMVEL - Kamikaze  LP
HELLBRINGER - Dominion of Darkness  LPU.D.O. - Celebrator: Rare Tracks  DLPABSU - Absu  LPGASKIN - Edge of Madness  LPZÜÜL - To The Frontlines LP
HELLWELL - Beyond the Boundaries of Sin  LPBAD POETRY BAND - The One Way Romance LPDEAD LORD - No Prayers Can Help You Now 7”VULCANO - Tales From The Black Book  LPBLACK HOLE - Beyond The Gravestone  DLP
MANILLA ROAD - Mystification  DLPMANILLA ROAD - Spiral Castle  LPMARQUIS DE SADE - Somewhere Up in the Mountains  LPBLACK ROSE - Loveshock  LP+7"HEXX - Morbid Reality  LP
BRITON RITES - For Mircalla  DLPBIBLE OF THE DEVIL - For The Love Of Thugs And Fools LPNEKROMANTHEON - Rise, Vulcan Spectre  LPAURA NOIR - Out to Die  LPFINGERNAILS - Alles verboten  LP
METALUCIFER - Heavy Metal Hunter  LPMETALUCIFER - Heavy Metal Hunter  LP  2016NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Atomic Waste: Demos & Rehearsals  LPMANILLA ROAD - Invasion  LPSTEEL ASSASSIN - WW II: Metal of Honor  LP
VLADIMIRS - The Late Hours  LPSLEEPY HOLLOW - Skull 13  LPMANILLA ROAD - Open the Gates  LPBLAZE - s/t  LPPHARAOH - Bury The Light  LP
METALMORFOSIS - ... Through Space ... and Time  LPCROM - Of Love and Death  LPMONUMENTOR - Medusa's Throne  MLPDESASTER - The Arts of Destruction  LPKRUX - II  LP
EXISTANCE - s/t  LPDARKEST ERA - The Last Caress of Light  DLPCLOVEN HOOF - A Sultan's Ransom  LPBLACK BURN - The Invocation  LPBADGE - Stormrider  LP
TRAPPAZAT - From Dusk Till Dawn  LPBLEAK HOUSE - s/t  DLP + 2x7"URCHIN - Get up and get out  DLPAPOCALYPSE / OMEGA - Blood Sacrifice  LPKRUX III - He Who Sleeps Amongst The Stars  LP
JAG PANZER - The Fourth Judgement   LPJAG PANZER - Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat  DLPJAG PANZER - Thane to the Throne  DLPSCREAMER - Adrenaline Distractions  LPBADGER BELL BAND - Faceless Gang  LP
BIG DAISY - s/t  LPALCOHOLATOR - Coma LPSATAN'S HOST - Celebration: For the Love of Satan  DLPAGINCOURT - Angels of Mons  LPBEEHLER - Messages to the Dead  LP
DEMOLITION HAMMER -Time Bomb  LPNOCTURNAL RITES - Tales of Mystery and Imagination  LPJAG PANZER - Mechanized Warfare  LPJAG PANZER - The Age of Mastery  LPSATAN'S HOST - By the Hands of the Devil  DLP
MANILLA ROAD - The Courts of Chaos  LPMANILLA ROAD - Crystal Logic  LPDAMASCUS - Cold Horizon  LP  RED COVERHIGH SPIRITS - Another Night  LPSLINGBLADE - The Unpredicted Deeds of Molly Black  LP
NOCTUM - The Fiddler  MLPSPARTA - Use Your Weapons Well DLP+7"AXIS - Flame Burns On  LPTROUBLE - Black Shapes of Doom  DLPTROUBLE - Live 1983  DLP
RAZOR - Violent Restitution  LPRAZOR - Decibels  LPANTICHRIST - Forbidden World  LPBLACK HOLE - Land of Mystery  LPJAMESON RAID - Live at the O2 Academy  DLP
DR. LIVING DEAD! - s/t  LPSCARAB - Rolling Like Thunder  DLP+7"MANILLA ROAD - Playground Of The Damned  LPMANILLA ROAD - The Deluge  LPRAM - Under the Scythe  7"
PROCESSION - The Cult of Disease  LPTHE WOUNDED KINGS - Embrace of the narrow House  LPPENTAGRAM - Dying in Vain  DLPTRUFFLE - The Bacon Slicer Strikes Again  LPTRUFFLE - 1st Attempt  LP
TRUFFLE - If You Really Want  LPWITCHUNTER - Crystal Demons  LPDESTROYA - s/t  MLPCANDLEMASS - Doomology  BOXTOKYO BLADE - Genghis Khan Killers  DLP
PENTAGRAM - If the Winds would change  LPSTEEL ASSASSIN - From the Vaults  LPIRON LAMB - The Original Sin  LP + 7"REVEAL - Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth  LPWITCHFYNDE - The Witching Hour  LP
ASSAULTER - Boundless  LPNEMESIS - The Day of Retribution  DLPSTEEL ASSASSIN - CA-35  7"DESTRUCTION - Inventor of Evil  DLPCANDLEMASS - Don`t Fear The Reaper  12"
STORMCHILD - Maiden Voyage  LPDEEP MACHINE - s/t  12"ZÜÜL - Howl of the Wolf  7"HELVETETS PORT - Man with the Chains  MLPTANKARD - Alcoholic Metal  DLP
PAUL CHAIN VIOLET THEATRE - Highway to Hell  MLPPAUL CHAIN VIOLET THEATRE - Detaching from Satan  MLPMILITIA - The Second Coming  LPPROCESSION - Destroyers Of The Faith  LPWHILE HEAVEN WEPT - The Arcane Unearthed  DLP
DESTRUCTOR - Forever in Leather  LPJAGUAR - Opening The Enclosure  LPRAVEN - Walk Through Fire  LPJAMESON RAID - Just As The Dust Had Settled  LPWHILE HEAVEN WEPT - Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence  DLP
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT - Lovesongs Of The Forsaken  LPBERLYN - Streetfights 7"NOCTUM - The Seance  LPSLINGBLADE - s/t  7"SKULLVIEW - Metalkill The World LP
SLAUGHTER - Not Dead Yet  LPSLAUGHTER - Strappado  LP REMIXMERCILESS DEATH - Eternal Condemnation  LPMERCILESS DEATH - Holocaust  LPMERCILESS DEATH - Sick Sanctities  LP
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT - Vessel  7"PAUL CHAIN VIOLET THEATRE - Vivid Eyes in the Dark  LPWOLF/ KRUIZER - Echoes Of The Past   LPRAM - Lightbringer  LPSTEEL ASSASSIN - War Of The Eight Saints DLP
RAZOR - Open Hostility LPRAZOR - Shotgun Justice LPRAM - Forced Entry  LPTANKARD - The Beauty And The Beer  LPTANKARD - Beast Of Bourbon  LP
TANKARD - B-Day  LPTANKARD - Kings Of Beer  LPTANKARD - Disco Destroyer  LPBORN AGAIN - Neverending Fire 7"NECRONOMICON - s/t   DLP
DEMOLITION - Wrecking Crew LPNEKROMANTHEON - Divinity of Death LPNEW KEEPERS OF THE WATER TOWERS - The Chronicles of Iceman LPMETALMORFOSIS - Mask of Gold 7"DISSECTION - Live Rebirth DLP
DISSECTION - Live Rebirth  DLP+Pic 12"DEMON PACT - Released From Hell LPDOOMDOGS - s/t LPTROUBLE - Simple Mind Condition LPTROUBLE - Plastic Green Head LP
ZÜÜL - Out Of Time LPQUICKSAND DREAM - Aelin: A Story About Destiny LPWHILE HEAVEN WEPT - Vast Oceans Lachrymose  DLPWHILE HEAVEN WEPT - Of Empires Forlorn  DLPWHILE HEAVEN WEPT - Sorrow Of The Angels LP
PORTRAIT - The Murder Of All Things Righteous 7"CRYONIC - Kings Of Avalon  LPUNDERGANG - ...And You Will Live In Terror 7"TROUBLE - Victim of the Insane - Demos & Rarities Part 2  LPTROUBLE - Revelations (Life or Death) - Demos & Rarities Part 1  LP
HIGH SPIRITS - s/t  LPCAPILLA ARDIENTE - Solve et Coagula 12" EPBITCHES SIN - The First Temptation LPWITCHGRAVE - The Devils Night MLPATLANTIC TIDE - Bad Acid Queen 7"
APOCALYPSE - Abandon Hope LPWARHAMMER - No Beast so Fierce...LPTYRANT - King of Kings LPSHIVA - Continuance  LPSALEM - In The Beginning... DLP
TROUBLE - Live In L.A. LPCHARIOT - Behind The Wire LPSONIC RITUAL - Mother Hearse 12"BAPHOMETS BLOOD - Metal Damnation LPMACBETH - Gotteskrieger  LP
THE HAND OF DOOM - Poisonoise DLPRAZOR FIST - Razor Fist Force LPGASKIN - Stand Or Fall LPSPLIT HEAVEN - Psycho Samurai LPMETAL CHURCH - Live 1986 LP
METAL CHURCH - Live 1986 LPHOLOCAUST - Inside The Power Cage  DLP  1ST PRESSINGHOLOCAUST - Inside The Power Cage  DLP  2ND PRESSINGHOLOCAUST - Inside The Power Cage  DLP  3RD PRESSINGHOLOCAUST - Inside The Power Cage  DLP
VOLTAX - s/t LPHELLKOMMANDER - Death To My Enemies LPRUFFIANS - Desert Of Tears LPCRYSTAL VIPER - The Wolf And The Witch 7"SPEEDTRAP - Raw Deal MLP
SPIRITUS MORTIS - s/t  LPLEGEND - Still Screaming  LPBASHFUL ALLEY - It`s About Time LPSTEEL ASSASSIN - In Hellfire Forged LPRAZOR FIST - Metal Minds LP
FINGERNAILS - Destroy Western World LPMANTIC RITUAL - Executioner LPCROM - Vengeance DLPMAD CITY ROCKERS - Black Celebration LPMANILLA ROAD - After Midnight Live LP
LYADRIVE - One Night In London LPGRAVEN IMAGE - Emperor Of Eternity DLPSABBAT - Asian Demonslaught DLPCRYSTAL VIPER - Metal Nation LPBATTERING RAM - Back Through The Main Gate LP
PHOENIX RISING - The Live Session LPRITUAL - Valley Of The Kings LPHELVETETS PORT - Exodus To Hell LPEMERALD - Hymn To Steel DLPIN SOLITUDE - s/t  LP
BAPHOMETS BLOOD - Second Strike LPSEVENTH SON - Spirit World LPFINGERNAILS - Heavy Metal Forces LPRITUAL - Widow LPCRYSTAL VIPER - The Last Axeman LP
THORAX - Test Of Time  DLPHOLY DEATH - The Knight, Death And The Devil LPSCARLET ANGEL - s/t LPMANILLA ROAD - Voyager  DLPMANILLA ROAD - Voyager  12"+10"  DLP
ASSAULTER - Salvation Like Destruction LPBURNER - Resurrection LPDARKNESS - The Demos  3 LP BoxsetPORTRAIT - s/t LPLYADRIVE - The Sands Of Time: Sessions 1982-83  LP
THE RESTLESS BREED - Hiding In Plain Sight LPSTYGIAN SHORE - The Shore Will Arise LPCRYSTAL VIPER - The Curse of Crystal Viper LPCRUCIFIED MORTALS - Converted By Decapitation  MLPDISARM GOLIATH - Only The Devil Can Stop Us LP
TRIARCHY - Live To Fight Again  LPMANILLA ROAD - Gates of Fire  DLPBURNER - Hammer Of The Gods 7"OVERDRIVE - On Wizard Ridge LPMETAL MIRROR - II LP
METAL MIRROR - I LPBUFFALO - Bones Of The Beast LPOVERDRIVE - Three Corners To Nowhere LPHIGH TREASON - Radio Will Find Me LPHAMMERHEAD - Headonizm LP