SAVAGE - Loose 'n Lethal  CD
SAVAGE - Loose 'n Lethal  CD
SAVAGE - Loose 'n Lethal CD

HRR 852CD, slipcase, poster

Chris Bradley - vocals, bass
Andy Dawson - vocals, guitar
Wayne Renshaw - guitar
Mark Brown - drums
Dave Lindley - drums & percussion*
Simon Dawson - drums**

01 Let It Loose
02 Cry Wolf
03 Berlin
04 Dirty Money
05 Ain't No Fit Place
06 On the Rocks
07 The China Run
08 White Hot
09 Ain't No Fit Place (1982 Version)
10 Let It Loose (1981 Version)
11 Dirty Money (1981 Version)
12 The China Run (1982 Version)
13 Ain't No Fit Place (1982 Version)
14 No Cause to Kill (Demo 1980)*
15 The Devil Takes You (Demo 1980)*
16 Back on the Road (Demo 1980)**
17 She Don't Need You (Demo 1980)**
18 Let It Loose (Demo 1980)**


Original transfer, audio restoration and mastering by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY in June 2021.
The ultimate reissue of this eternal NWOBHM classic!

Released in 1983, Savage’s debut album ‘Loose ’N Lethal’ would go on to become one of the most acclaimed albums of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. “This is one mutha of an album – RAW, DIRTY, ANGRY, MENACING, and, of course, LOUD,” is how it was reviewed at the time.

Based in Mansfield, Savage really came into being in 1978 when bassist/vocalist Chris Bradley recruited the Dawson brothers, drummer Simon and guitarist Andy, to join him and guitarist Andy Bradbury, although by the time Savage first appeared on record the line-up saw Chris Bradley and Andy Dawson joined by Wayne Renshaw and Dave Lindley. Savage’s first vinyl appearance was on the ‘Scene Of The Crime’ compilation, through which they were discovered (and subsequently covered onstage) by Metallica. This line-up would then record ‘Ain’t No Fit Place’ for Ebony Records’ ‘Metal Fatigue’ compilation, as well as their own single (a new abridged version of ‘Ain’t No Fit Place’ c/w ‘The China Run’) for the label. Ebony offered the band an album deal and with Mark Brown now on the drum stool, the band recorded the stunning ‘Loose ’N Lethal’. Why they were never picked up by a major record label after its release is one of the great mysteries of the time.

This new version of Savage’s astounding debut album rounds up all the band’s releases from this period, together with five earlier demo tracks.

John Tucker August 2021