SOLSTICE - To Sol A Thane  LP
SOLSTICE - To Sol A Thane  LP
SOLSTICE - To Sol A Thane  LP
SOLSTICE - To Sol A Thane  LP
SOLSTICE - To Sol A Thane  LP
SOLSTICE - To Sol A Thane LP

HRR 804LP, ltd 1000, 400 x black, 200 x white + 400 x white/ black splatter vinyl, poster

Paul Kearns - Vocals
Richard M. Walker - Guitars
Andy Whittaker - Guitars
Ian Buxton - Bass
James Ashbey - Drums

01 White Horse Hill
02 To Sol A Thane
03 For All Days ...
04 ...And For None
05 White Horse Hill (2014 Version)


Mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY in October 2020.

Nowadays, it’s not much to write home about when any given band spreads a handful of their most recent demo recordings, yet epic metal stalwarts Solstice did not fail to raise eyebrows when they did just thtat with “To Sol A Thane” in 2016.

Boasting a sound that others can only dream of regarding their own official albums, the EP sports early cuts of songs that would eventually end up on the group’s 2018 stunner “White Horse Hill”, with the central ballad ‘For All Days And For None’ split in two halves to fit the vinyl format.

A slightly older rendition of the future album’s title track – written and recorded shortly after “Death’s Crown Is Victory” – rounds up the set, inviting comparisons with the final version we have, by now, come to know and love.

“The past is never far behind, and the moment you’re in now is the past in the blink of an eye”, singer Paul Kearns once said. “So the past is always relevant and should always be respected – but never at the expense of the present, which can be equally as beautiful and as horrible.” And as we find ourselves now in 2021, the band’s prime mover Rich Walker is battling cancer with financial help from many a fan whose life he enriched with his music.