HAUNT - Flashback  LP
HAUNT - Flashback  LP
HAUNT - Flashback  LP
HAUNT - Flashback  LP
HAUNT - Flashback  LP
HAUNT - Flashback  LP
HAUNT - Flashback  LP
HAUNT - Flashback LP

HRR 780, EUROPEAN VERSION, ltd 1000, 250 x black, 250 x gold, 300 x bone, 100 x transparent ultra clear/ bone splatter (HRR mailorder exclusive) + 100 x transparent electric blue/ gold splatter vinyl, lyric sheet, poster

Trevor William Church - All instruments, Vocals

01 Flashback
02 Winter’s Breath
03 Electrified
04 One with the Universe
05 Spend a Fortune
06 Figure in a Painting
07 Sweet Embrace
08 The Great Beyond

October 2nd

What started out as a solo project of Trevor William Church, front man of California doom heavyweights Beastmaker, developed into a powerful force in classic metal with a distinctive hard rock edge throughout the course of several releases in quick succession: Since their formation as late as 2017, Haunt have released no less than two EPs and split singles respectively as well as, indeed, a whopping four albums without displaying any sign of wear and tear.

Amongst all the hustle and bustle surrounding the phenomenon that is Haunt, its latest release “Flashback”, which originally came out on Trevor’s very own Church Recordings in early 2020, is by far the most developed, showing a complete, well-oiled band machine that has gained an even more remarkable profile by gigging on a steady basis.

Regarding the quartet’s European edition of the album, which comes out exclusively via High Roller Records, the main man explains, “I’ve partnered with the label to bring Haunt to the Old World because I felt this to be a necessary relationship in order to continue my DIY approach.”

Speaking of which, Church achieved to make his charming voice more present than ever and created a warm sound matching the overall vintage feel. Thus, the group’s current full-length encapsulates its astounding development so far and puts the composer, engineer and producer’s vision into sharp focus.

“I'm always trying to push myself into sometimes uncomfortable positions,” he continues. “With inspiration, determination and dedication a lot can be accomplished.” Which is just what Haunt do with “Flashback”, a bedazzling blend of NwoBHM-tinged steel and touches of 1970s progressive hard rock.

And it just grows through repeated listening. Take, for instance, ‘Figure In A Painting’ with its prominent synthesizers, which recalls Ashbury and a bit of early Manilla Road with a punkish attitude, or ‘Electrified’ and ‘Spend A Fortune’ with their catchy choruses.

“I'm approaching 40 and I think back a lot and do quite a bit of reflection,” Trevor concludes, referring to his combo’s new-found depth. “This helps us grow into a stronger relationship with ourselves. The hourglass in the artwork represents the fact that time is always ticking away … but there’s much more to come from Haunt in the near future!”

Andreas Schiffmann