FAITH AND FIRE - Accelerator  DLP
FAITH AND FIRE - Accelerator  DLP
FAITH AND FIRE - Accelerator  DLP
FAITH AND FIRE - Accelerator  DLP
FAITH AND FIRE - Accelerator  DLP
FAITH AND FIRE - Accelerator DLP

HRR 765LP, ltd 500, 150 x black, 150 x silver + 200 x white/ red splatter vinyl, gatefold cover

Tony Moore - vocals
Mike Flyntz - guitars
Danny Miranda - bass
John Miceli - drums


01 Ready
02 Fallen
03 America
04 Accelerator

05 Villanelle
06 Avenue Z
07 Breathe
08 Everything

09 Radio Superstar
10 Faith and Fire
11 Ashes
12 Angel

13 Ann's Room (Demo)
14 Fallen (Demo)
15 Villanelle (Demo)
16 Accelerator (Demo)


Mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Emgel at Temple of Disharmony

Formed by Tony Moore and Mike Flyntz, former and current members of Metal legend 'RIOT', Faith And Fire also includes Danny Miranda (currently touring with Queen) on bass and John Miceli from Rainbow, Meat Loaf & others on drums. Tony, Mike and Danny are co-writers on all the tunes.

The critical acclaim received by the individual members of this HR/HM powerhouse would fill many pages. Tony Moore raised the bar for Metal vocal virtuosity with his performances on Riot's CBS/Sony classics 'Thundersteel' and 'The Privilege of Power'.
Mike Flyntz has earned consistent praise for his remarkable tracks on seven Riot recordings since 'Nightbreaker' in 1994.
John Miceli has toured and recorded with the likes of Richie Blackmore's Rainbow, Meat Loaf and Blue Oyster Cult and is one of the most sought-after drummers on the scene today.
And Danny Miranda's musical journey from B.O.C to his current tour with Queen has won him acclaim for a style that is unique,
moving and unerringly musical. It's no surprise that Brian May hand-picked him for the Queen/Paul Rodgers world tour.

Together since the Winter of 2002, Faith And Fire have assembled a collection of remarkable songs. The combined songwriting skills of Moore, Flyntz and Miranda have yielded material that is technically impressive, emotionally evocative and
intellectually provocative.

They also rock like nobody's business.

From the heartbreaking ballad 'Ashes' to the the speed-metal anthem 'America' and across all stylistic points in between, Faith And Fire has assembled a dynamic ensemble with one foot in the classic Metal tradition and the other firmly in the future of Rock.
You'll find few acts from the past or present who bring so much passion and musicality to their compositions.

Mike's neo-Classical guitar excellence, Danny's brilliant and emotionally stirring arrangements, Tony's poetic, evocative lyrics and John's progressive thunder were destined to meet. The result is “Accelerator”, the new release from Faith And Fire.