MANILLA ROAD - Atlantis Rising  LP
MANILLA ROAD - Atlantis Rising  LP
MANILLA ROAD - Atlantis Rising  LP
MANILLA ROAD - Atlantis Rising  LP
MANILLA ROAD - Atlantis Rising  LP
MANILLA ROAD - Atlantis Rising  LP
MANILLA ROAD - Atlantis Rising  LP
MANILLA ROAD - Atlantis Rising  LP
MANILLA ROAD - Atlantis Rising LP

HRR 270, ltd 500, 100 x solid white vinyl, 200 x "sea blue" vinyl + 200 x black vinyl, gatefold cover, new art, insert, poster, 2nd pressing: HRR 270LP2, ltd 500, 250 x black + 250 x aqua blue/ white splatter vinyl, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, insert printed on uncoated paper

Mark Shelton - Guitars, Vocals
Mark Anderson - Bass, Guitars (6-string classical)
Bryan Patrick - Drums, Vocals

-Atlantis Rising
-Sea Witch
-Flight of the Ravens
-March of the Gods
-Siege of Atland
-War of the Gods

1st pressing SOLD OUT!
2nd pressing: AVAILABLE

With “Atlantis Rising” and a new record deal in Europe (Germany) Manilla Road somehow entered phase II of their long career. “I suppose you could call it our comeback album,” says Mark Shelton. “It is assuredly a different phase of Manilla Road that is true. I don't think I would call it phase II though. I would call it phase III. I always looked at Randy joining the band as phase II because the style of the band drastically changed compared to the music we did with Rick Fisher. 'Atlantis Rising' started out being a Shark solo project along with Bryan Patrick and Mark Anderson. While we were working on the project we ended up going to Germany and playing live at the Bang Your Head festival and we realized at that time that Manilla Road still had a very large following in Europe (which was a big surprise to us all) that we were not aware of. We had offers from several labels for the project after I handed out demos at the Bang Your Head festival. We decided to sign with Iron Glory Records but all the labels that were interested in it wanted it to be a Manilla Road album and not a Shark solo project. Well, that was alright with me because it was sort of part two of 'The Deluge' anyway and the band and recordings sounded pretty much like Manilla Road anyway. So I had no issues with it being turned into a Manilla Road album. We were not quite finished with the recording of the project anyway so it just helped us to focus on the project more as a Manilla Road album before we put all the pieces together for the finished product. So it was not intended to be a comeback album for the Road but it turned out to be one in the end. I'm pleased at how the whole thing turned out eventually. I'm just totally into epic concepts like 'Atlantis Rising'.”
The Shark sees both, structural differences and also similarities in comparism to Manilla Road phase I and phase II: “It was a bit more of a modern and experimental approach but with the Manilla Road roots from the 1980's still intact. A bit more double kick work than what had been done before but I just love double kick drum stuff. Conceptually similar but at the same time a lot more over the edge with the story line combining many different mythological elements together to achieve the story whole. Also a lot more dabbling with the strange interludes between songs with what I like to call sonic landscaping. Coming up with such a concept itself was no small undertaking.”
So is the "Atlantis Rising" period of Manilla Road some kind of a forgotten era compared to your work in the 1980's? The Shark does not think so: “No because there are still many fans that write us saying that it is one of their favorite Manilla Road albums. So I don't think it is forgotten and it seems to be a relative hit with the younger Roadsters as well. Now compared to the era of of the 1980's I would have to say that era is so well publicized as a time to not be forgotten that it most likely does not compare. But it is still a great inventive time in the history of the band and wonder in the sense that the band was beginning to breath with life again.”
The band still plays “Resurrection” and “March of the Gods” from the album live from time to time. “At this moment in my life it is probably my fourth favorite Manilla Road album with 'The Deluge', 'Gates of Fire' and 'Mysterium',” judges Mark. The comparism to my personal favourite Manilla Road album, “Crystal Logic”, is not difficult to make for Mark: “Well, in my opinion almost everything I have written since 'Crystal Logic' is stronger composition wise. I was still perfecting the art of writing when we did 'Crystal Logic' and my lyrics left much to be desired in my opinion. I most certainly feel that 'Atlantis Rising' was some of my better composing. I know lots of people think that 'Crystal Logic' was the best album that we ever did but musically speaking the composition structure of the songs is much better and definitely more complex.”
The new vinyl edition of “Atlantis Rising” on High Roller Records has a far superior cover artwork. The Shark comments: “I do like the original but I also agree with you in that the new art that Alexander von Wieding has done is much better. Alex is an incredible artist with the rare talent to see in his mind's eye the nature of the music in a visual form that is fitting. I am so glad that we have been able to work with him.”
I once read a review of "Atlantis Rising" back then citing "slight Celtic Frost influences", well, that's a strange perception … “Yeah, I'm not sure I hear that one either”, wonders Mark Shelton. “I know that sometimes we are compared with them for our earlier Doom-like material so maybe it is some of the really heavy plodding songs like 'Decimation' that remind them of that. 'Atlantis Rising' happens to be one of those albums that you hear a little bit of early Road within it but then again it has a life of its own. I personally like every song on the album and that is why I rate it in my top 4.”
As Mark explains, "Atlantis Rising" was a full-blown concept album dealing with the mystery of Atlantis: “Yes, it was except for the first piece 'Megeladon'. Briefly it is the story of the re-emergence of Atlantis and it's magikal essence. It is an epic of treachery and sorcery in the tradition of the great authors like Homer and Virgil. Gods and demigods, heroes and epic battles are all within this tale of a war between the ancient Old Ones and the gods that once watched over the human race. And yes, I have read much about Atlantis and love the search for truth in history through myth and legend and the lore of our ancestors.”
Matthias Mader