DESASTER - The Arts of Destruction  LP
DESASTER - The Arts of Destruction  LP
DESASTER - The Arts of Destruction  LP
DESASTER - The Arts of Destruction  LP
DESASTER - The Arts of Destruction  LP
DESASTER - The Arts of Destruction  LP
DESASTER - The Arts of Destruction  LP
DESASTER - The Arts of Destruction  LP
DESASTER - The Arts of Destruction LP

HRR 222, limited to 1000 copies, gatefold cover, poster, lyric sheet, 500 x black vinyl, 250 x Picture LP, 250 x white/ black splatter die hard vinyl incl. bonus DVD and slipmat, 2nd edition: white + black vinyls, 3rd pressing: 250 x black + 250 x transparent blood red with white & black splatter vinyl, gatefold cover, poster, lyric sheet

Sataniac - Vocals
Infernal - Guitars
Odin - Bass
Tormentor - Drums

-The Arts Of Destruction
-Lacerate With Hands Of Doom
-Splendour Of The Idols
-Phantom Funeral
-Queens Of Sodomy
-Cancer Fucking Cancer
-At Hell's Horizon
-Troops Of Heathens �Graves Of Saints
-Possessed And Defiled
-Beyond Your Grace

1st +2nd pressing SOLD OUT!
3rd pressing: AVAILABLE

Formed in Koblenz in 1988, Desaster were part of the second wave of original German Thrash Metal. They followed in the footsteps of Sodom, Kreator and Destruction and have never looked back ...
In 1996, Desaster recorded their first album called “A Touch of medieval Darkness” (after two demos and a split 7" single together with Ungod). Their brand new studio record is called “The Arts of Destruction”. It's Desaster's seventh full-length album.
From the original 1988 line-up only guitarist Infernal is still on board. Over the last 13 years Desaster has seen only five member changes. That's not too band at all. The current line-up has not changed since 2001. Tormentor has been occupying Desaster's drum stool since 1997. In contrast to me, he does not view Desaster as a pure Thrash Metal band at all. And he must know: “We call ourselves traditional Black Metal. Bands like Destruction, Sodom, Venom, Hellhammer, Mercyful Fate and Possessed all used to play Black Metal. Somehow Desaster is a mixture of all those old heroes plus a bit of Immortal and Dark Throne. Furthermore we have developed our own unique style over the years. Desaster is the product of what the individual band members listen to. There are Thrash riffs, Speed Metal guitars, some touches of Death Metal and even traditional Heavy Metal or a medieval melody. That's Desaster!”
As already mentioned, "The Arts of Destruction" is Desaster's seventh studio longplayer. So what has changed in comparism to 2007's "Satan's Soldiers Syndicate"? “Not a lot”, finds drummer Tormentor. “We spent more time for recording and mixing. But all in all it's a typical Desaster album. We tried out something new with the drum sound on the album.” Tormentor does not see any key songs on "The Arts of Destruction": “Every individual song paints a certain picture. My personal favourite is 'Phantom Funeral', that's our own 'Dead Skin Mask'. 'Splendour of the Idols' I also like very much. This number was the first we finished and live it's absolutely amazing.”
The album title "The Arts of Destruction" to me sounds like a little homage to the band Destruction. But it seems as if I'm overinterpreting a bit here: “No, we wanted to reflect destruction and violence in the album title. But, hey, I don't mind if people think that's a homage to Destruction. After all, it was Schmier who christened us Desaster. He's is a good lad, maybe a bit over the top sometimes but honest down to the bone. I met Tommy in Lörrach lately, also a very cool guy. Although he is a cop … I do like the new Destruction album a lot even though it's not a match to the old classics. The last great Destruction song was 'The Butcher strikes back'. They are living off their history a bit but on stage they are still a killing machine. They are touring non stop. And Mike still plays some killer riffs.”
Desaster's hometown of Koblenz always was a Heavy Metal stronghold. Especially over the last two decades as Tormentor points out: “Yeah, the scene has developed quite nicely. Down to Desaster and the Hellbangers, Metal Inquisitor and also Steelpreacher … I have been following the local scene since around 1990. We did not have too many old bands who recorded demos. I only know of Subculture, Royal Oak, Lumberjack and the almighty Pyracanda. Even though their second album was not that hot at all. We also had some great Punk bands ...”
2005's “Angelwhore” was the first album Desaster recorded for the legendary Metal Blade label. That's seven years now. Quite a long period of time. So record sales must be good. “I don't care a bit”, says Tormentor. “As long as all the maniacs turn up at our gigs, everything is fine. But I honestly think that Metal Blade rate us highly. We're an honest band and that's sometimes important for the image of a record company. And we, for our part, are proud to release our CD's on the label that discovered Metallica and released albums by Slayer. Even the Americans are beginning to grasp that Metalcore is a thing of the past. That's a good sign! Honest traditional Metal from the heart is timeless.”
Matthias Mader