TROUBLE - Plastic Green Head LP
TROUBLE - Plastic Green Head LP
TROUBLE - Plastic Green Head LP
TROUBLE - Plastic Green Head LP
TROUBLE - Plastic Green Head LP
TROUBLE - Plastic Green Head LP
TROUBLE - Plastic Green Head LP

HRR 101, gatefold cover, lyric sheet, 150 x white + 300 x purple + 300 x black vinyl

Eric Wagner - vocals
Bruce Franklin - guitar
Rick Wartell - guitar
Ron Holzner - bass
Jeff Olson - drums

-Plastic Green Head
-The Eye
-The Porpoise Song (Monkees cover)
-Hear the Earth
-Another Day
-Below Me
-Long Shadows Fall
-Till the End of Time
-Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles cover)


With the official re-release of "Plastic Green Head" High Roller Records continues its campaign of making the back catalogue of Trouble available for the public on glorious vinyl. "Plastic Green Head" originally appeared only on CD via Bullet Proof in 1995. Guitarist Bruce Franklin confirms: "To my knowledge 'Plastic Green Head' was never available on vinyl when it was originally put out." Trouble parted ways with Def American in 1992 after "Manic Frustration". Before Trouble singned to Bullet Proof they pressed a CD on their own called "One For The Road" and sold it at gigs. Bruce reflects on the situation of the band after they had turned their back on Rick Rubin: "We asked out of our deal with Def American because we knew we could get more money from Bullet Proof and some other labels. Def American tried to talk us out of leaving, but they let us go eventually. 'One For The Road' was a demo that we gave to labels to secure a new deal. After that we pressed CD copies to sell on two different tours in Europe. We had been bootlegged so many times, we thought that we would do it ourself and put some money in our own pockets."
Quite a number of the songs from "One For The Road" never made it onto the following album "Plastic Green Head". Why that? Bruce Franklin: "'Window Pain' just wasn't good enough. I don't know why 'Doom Box' and 'Going Home' didn't make it." When "Plastic Green Head" came out in 1995, Trouble played their biggest ever gig: "Yes, Dynamo '95! The biggest crowd we had ever played to. Pretty cool to look out and see about 70,000 people. There were over 100,000 at the festival."
When Trouble toured Germany in 2009, and what a great trek it was, they also played two songs from the "Plastic Green Head" longplayer, namely the title track as well as "The Eye", which shows that the album has not been forgotten (neither by the band nor their fans). All in all, there was some very cool stuff to be found on the album. Guitarist Bruce Franklin puts it like this: "'Flowers' is very melodic, but not lame pop music and not a cliché Metal power ballad. In my opinion it is one of the best songs that we ever recorded. 'Opium Eater' was one of the heavy songs. 'Another Day' and 'The Eye' are also heavy. 'Opium Eater' does have a cool groove though."
With "Tomorrow Never Knows" Trouble did choose a cover tune by the Beatles (!) to be included on the album. An odd choice some people might think. Bruce Franklin explains: "Eric wanted to do that song. I didn't think that we would capture as cool of a vibe as The Beatles did. I think that I was right. I can't even listen to our version." Bruce tries to find the place of "Plastic Green Head" within the canon of Trouble releases: "I would rate 'Plastic Green Head' about somewhere in the middle as I think there are at least three albums that are better."

Matthias Mader