CHALICE - Silver Cloak  7"
CHALICE - Silver Cloak  7"
CHALICE - Silver Cloak  7"
CHALICE - Silver Cloak  7"
CHALICE - Silver Cloak  7"
CHALICE - Silver Cloak 7"

HRR 665, ltd 500, 150 x black, 150 x gold + 200 x silver vinyl, insert

Verneri Benjamin Pouttu – vocals & guitars
Mikael Cristian Haavisto – guitars & keyboards
Joni Adrian Petander – bass & backing vocals

01 Silver Cloak
02 Drowning in Dream
03 Parallel Path

black vinyl SOLD OUT!
silver + gold vinyl AVAILABLE

”Like a spear pierces its way through flesh, CHALICE was formed in 2016 to tear a hole in the world with their poisonous heavy metal. The band’s 2017 release ”Demonstration” introduced a new act that showcased not only extraordinary musical performance but also an aura of darkness that only a few have been able to achieve.

After signing with High Roller Records, the band continued to perfect their craft and sharpen their execution to return to studio in 2018 to record the upcoming 7” “Silver Cloak/Parallel Path”, an outcome that would be one of the most interesting releases of 2019.

The title track and also the song of a upcoming music video “Silver Cloak” is an explosive opening track that ambushes the listener like a bloodthirsty wild animal hunting at it’s prey. Following the formula of their debut demo, the band carefully switches gears by the means of an instrumental piece “Drowning in Dream” which in it’s hypnotic, trance-like momentum takes the listener far beyond...

The b-side of the record proves yet again that CHALICE is unchained at it’s heart and fearless in their approach to music. “Parallel Path” is a 8 minute long journey into the deepest depths of consciousness through an soundscape that closes a bridge between pure Rock ‘N’ Roll and Esoteric Heavy Metal.

With this thunderous release the band is most definitely one of the most promising newcomers of the recent years. Equipped with an lineup of razor sharp musicianship, we can only wait patiently to witness this roaring storm of melancholic northern despair savaging stages far and wide....!

Verneri Benjamin Pouttu - Vocals & Lead guitars
Mikael Cristian Haavisto - Lead Guitars & Keys
Joni Adrian Petander - Bass & Backing Vocals
Olli Eemeli Törrönen - Drums ”