WILLIAM J TSAMIS - Lordian Winds & Sea of Tranquilty  CD
WILLIAM J TSAMIS - Lordian Winds & Sea of Tranquilty  CD
WILLIAM J TSAMIS - Lordian Winds & Sea of Tranquilty CD

HRR 595 CD, ltd 500

All compositions by William J Tsamis

01 My Name is Man (Demo 1986)
02 Stygian Passage (Demo 1986)
03 In the Name of God (Demo 1986)
04 Dark Civilization (Demo 1986)
05 My Name is Man (incomplete vocals)
06 Dark Civilization (instrumental version)
07 Icarus (Sea of Tranquility)
08 King of Kings (Sea of Tranquility)
09 Meditation of Life (Sea of Tranquility)
10 Melody for Piano and Orchestra No 1 (Sea of Tranquility)
11 Melody for Piano and Orchestra No 2 (Sea of Tranquility)
12 Melody for Piano and Orchestra No 3 (Sea of Tranquility)
13 Melody for Piano and Orchestra No 4 (Sea of Tranquility)
14 Angel in Flight (Sea of Tranquility)

01 Musical Theme 1
02 Musical Theme 2
03 Musical Theme 3
04 Musical Theme 4
05 Musical Theme 5
06 Musical Theme 6


William J Tsamis of is one of the most talented heavy metal musicians of all time. In his early years, he was influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Scorpions, UFO and Rush, practising on guitar from a very young age. Music was in his blood, so he moved to Los Angeles and at the age of 18 along with Mark Zonder on drums formed Warlord, releasing classic records such as »Deliver Us« or »And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun...«.

When Warlord fell into oblivion in 1985, Tsamis was already playing classical guitar and thinking of altering his musical vision. When he started moving in a classical direction, he took the risk to work with a classical producer who had this idea of a grand epic story, so Tsamis came up with “My Name Is Man”. He explains: “It would be like »2112«. It's a story about everyman, represented by one man. His story is everyman's story.”

Consisting of “My Name Is Man”, “Stygian Passage”, “Dark Civilization” and “In The Name Of God”, the »Lordian Winds« demos are actually the rough cuts of the “My Name Is Man” project, that was recorded in an 8-track studio with William J Tsamis on guitars and keyboards, Rick Anderson on vocals (who actually was Damien King III for Warlord) and also Dave Watry on bass. The project just lasted for few months during 1985-1986 and in 1987, William moved to Florida and decided to go to university to study philosophy and theology.

The CD edition of »Lordian Winds« adds »Sea Of Tranquility«, a colourful soundscape of beautiful and emotional music, directly from the heart and soul of a highly talented musician. William J Tsamis comments: “The music was written during a time of great despair in my life. It is music for the contemplative listener and music for the inspiration. I have always told people that if they truly want to understand who I am, then they should listen carefully to »Sea Of Tranquility«. It is within those compositions where my soul lives."

Andreas Andreou