BLITZKRIEG - Ten Years of Blitzkrieg  PICTURE  MLP
BLITZKRIEG - Ten Years of Blitzkrieg  PICTURE  MLP
BLITZKRIEG - Ten Years of Blitzkrieg  PICTURE  MLP
BLITZKRIEG - Ten Years of Blitzkrieg PICTURE MLP

HRR 622, ltd 500, handnumbered, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, lyric sheet, poster

Brian Ross – vocals
Glenn s. Howes – guitar
Tony J. Liddle - guitar
Glen Carey - bass
Gary Young - drums

01 Blitzkrieg
02 Buried Alive

03 Night Howl
04 The Sentinel
05 Nocturnal Visions


New Wave Of British Heavy Metal legends Blitzkrieg were formed in Leicester in late 1980 out of the ashes of a band called Split Image when vocalist Brian Ross replaced former singer Sarah Aldwinckle and joined Jim Sieroto (guitar), Ian Jones (guitar), Steve English (bass) and Steve Abbey (drums). Soon enough the new born Blitzkrieg inked a deal with David Wood’s Neat Records label. The band’s legendary »Buried Alive« single (with “Blitzkrieg” on the B-Side) was recorded at Impulse Studios (produced by Mick Sweeney) in February 1981 and issued as NEAT 10 on May 19th the same year.

Due to Brian Ross joining Satan, the original incarnation of Blitzkrieg split up in late 1981 without having recorded an album. When »A Time Of Changes« was finally released posthumously in 1985 it was too little too late. Time had moved on, and American acts like Exodus, Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer were dominating the international metal scene.

However, the year 1991 saw Blitzkrieg reforming with a line-up of Brian Ross (vocals), Glenn S. Howes (guitar), Tony J. Liddle (guitar), Glen Carey (bass) and Gary Young (drums). They went into the local Impulse Studios in Newcastle upon Tyne to re-record the two tracks off Blitzkrieg’s debut single “Blitzkrieg” and “Buried Alive” (with Keith Nichol producing). In addition to that, three brand new songs were put down on tape, “Night Howl”, “The Sentinel” and “Nocturnal Vision”. Dutch-based label Roadrunner Records issued those five tracks as a mini-album entitled »Ten Years Of Blitzkrieg« in 1991.

»Ten Years Of Blitzkrieg« has not been available on vinyl or CD for over two decades and will therefore be re-issued by High Roller Records as a strictly limited edition picture disc.

Matthias Mader