CRYONIC - Kings Of Avalon  LP
CRYONIC - Kings Of Avalon  LP
CRYONIC - Kings Of Avalon  LP
CRYONIC - Kings Of Avalon  LP
CRYONIC - Kings Of Avalon LP

HRR 094, limited to 500 copies, lyric sheet, 200 x blue/ white splatter + 300 x black vinyl

Bigswede - vocals
Henke - guitar, backing vocals
Freddy - guitar
Sico - bass, backing vocals
Simon Hardell - drums

-Kings of the Hill
-Tear Down the Walls
-Angels Calling
-Living on the Road
-No More
-Seven Doors
-No Regrets
-The One
-Free Like an Eagle


Cryonic might as well become the next Heavy Metal superstars from Sweden. Why? Well, with their second longplayer "Kings Of Avalon" they have unleashed a mighty fine album to the world! And, also very important in those days, they have major label backing behind them. This could make the difference when it comes to breaking out from the underground. Singer Bigswede explains: "It's true, we got EMI distribution and are working with Mark Berry through Attack/EMI and we also signed a really great record deal with 'Battlegod Production' from Australia who will pay for big promotion." The deal with Attack/EMI is limited to one album but Bigswede is already thinking ahead: "Yeah, it's for one album, but it seems to be no problem to make more, I hope, and we have already talked with one label about the next release. But let the future decide ..." Yes, for now "Kings Of Avalon" is the main priority. "Kings Of The Hill", a very catchy tune, seems to be the key composition of "Kings Of Avalon". The band has filmed a video for it. Bigswede comments: "It's hard to say which one is the most important or the most commercial number on the album. I believe many tracks are good songs but Attack/EMI wanted this song to be a rock video and I think they have been right. We got a really good deal with the producer of this video and he decided everything about it and we pay for it from our own money." Listening to "Kings Of The Hill" a couple of bands spring to my mind: Heavy Load, King Diamond, old Manowar and early-80's Scorpions. Are those bands that have influenced Cryonic? Bigswede says: "I will say both. It always changes a little bit depending on how I feel. Of course my influences range from bands like Manowar and Accept to Edguy and Hammerfall. And maybe a little bit of the Scorpions at the same time. I have got it all in my blood and heart. We have 80's Metal in our veins and that won't change. We love good Hardrock/Metal from the 80's, it rules our world. We eat, live and shit Metal from the 80's and other new band who play great stuff." Okay, so our man has already mentioned the name. Could Cryonic become the new, the better Hammerfall? Bigswede explains: "From time to time I have e-mail contact with Oscar from Hammerfall. He is a really great guy and he likes our first album 'Evil Mind', especially the song 'Fireball'. I have promised him our second album." Yes, indeed, Cryonic did release one album before "Kings Of Avalon", namely "Evil Mind", of which Bigswede has the following to say: "It has been released by Swedmetal Records in 2007, it's a small label from Sweden. Maybe it sounds strange but we have never sent a demo to any label. We recorded our first demo and sent a couple of copies to the south of Sweden to get gigs. Swedmetal got it from a promoter and I called the head of the label (I don't remember why) but at the time he had not listened to it yet. I wanted him to take the time to listen to it and I also e-mailed him three times that evening. Eventually, he became curious and had to listen to it. After a few hours he called me back and liked it. That was a start ..."
Before Cryonic, the different members have been active in numerous other bands: "I have played in lots of bands, just to name a few of them: Seventh Sign, Punishment, Madigun ... I have played guitar my whole life since I was 15 years old and now I have made a dream come true and started to sing in Cryonic. Sico has played in bands like Ambassador Of Battery and Citizen Kane. Simon has played in bands like Checkpoint Charlie and Crystalis. Freddy in Madigun and Henke in Darkest Season."

Matthias Mader