OUTLAW - Marauders  CD
OUTLAW - Marauders  CD
OUTLAW - Marauders CD

HRR 652 CD, slipcase

Lee Anvel - vocals
Jimmy Slashburner – guitars
Simon Shatter - guitars
John Kaiser - bass
Johnny Gutter – drums

01 Hell's Thunder
02 Marauders
03 Speed Calls
04 Reape's Tale
05 Heroes of Telemark
06 Tyrants of Ice
07 Vice
08 Thunderstone


Outlaw were originally formed in Lappeenranta, Finland, in 2015 by vocalist Lee Anvel and bassist John Kaiser. The line-up is completed by guitarists Jimmy Slashburner and Simon Shatter plus Johnny Gutter on drums. After an initial demo tape by the name of »Speed Calls« (50 copies as a private pressing and another 250 through Mortal Rite Records) High Roller Records stepped in and offered a deal for the band’s debut longplayer »Marauders«.
»Marauders« features eight self-penned tracks, which singer Lee Anvel describes as follows: “I've been aiming for a Saxon-kinda approach when writing material; they have very different songs but are still always recognizable. We are influenced by a lot of different bands, but not many of those influences come from this millennium.”
The title track for example sounds a bit like mid-period Priest (»British Steel« to »Screaming For Vengeance«) without the obvious high vocal screams … Lee Anvel agrees: “Yes, when I composed the song ‘Marauders’ I was going for a more commercial Priest-esque sound and my intention was to throw in a certain Scandinavian vibe as well. It was one of the first ever Outlaw songs and back then I could not really do high screams very well.”
Lee’s actual vocal style on highly energetic tracks such as "Hell's Thunder" sits somewhere Blackie Lawless and Riot’s Rhett Forrester … “I have not been familiar with Rhett's output,” comments Lee Anvel, “but now that you brought it up, I took a listen to that stuff and I really like the vocals. I have to admit that »Restless Breed« really sounds awesome! There is some Blackie in ‘Hell's Thunder’ for sure, and I was also aiming for something like J.D. Kimball (Omen). Other singers I find myself trying to imitate are Eric Adams (Manowar), Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Edgar Lois (Angus), Ted Pilot (Fifth Angel) and (it may be quite obvious to those who have listened Outlaw) Rob Halford.”
Apart from Priest, Iron Maiden has been a big inspiration for Outlaw. "Heroes Of Telemark" is probably the most "epic" number on »Marauders« coming across quite “majestic” (possibly sounding like a cross between classic Heavy Load and early Hammer Fall) … Lee Anvel explains: “I wanted to do something epic and in the vein of Maiden's ‘Where Eagles Dare’. I took the title from a war movie. Telemark is in Norway, and in the second world war the Germans had a factory there where they made heavy water for nuclear weapons. The song is about a handful of Norwegian soldiers who tried to take that factory down.”
On »Marauders« Outlaw mix US Metal, NWOBHM and Euro Metal but according to their singer this will probably change in the not too distant future: “I've started composing new songs for a possible second album and it seems to me that the future of Outlaw will be less NWOBHM and more US power metal.”
Matthias Mader