BLEAK HOUSE - Chasing the Wind  MLP
BLEAK HOUSE - Chasing the Wind  MLP
BLEAK HOUSE - Chasing the Wind  MLP
BLEAK HOUSE - Chasing the Wind  MLP
BLEAK HOUSE - Chasing the Wind MLP

HRR 648, ltd 500, 200 x black + 300 x silver vinyl, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, lyric sheet

Graham Shaw - Vocals
Bob Bonshor - Guitars
Graham Killin - Guitars
Gez Turner - Bass
Roy Reed - Drums

01 Rainbow Warrior
02 Isandhlhawa
03 Inquisition
04 Chase the Wind
05 No Reply
06 Down to Zero
07 Flight of the Salamander


With a name taken from a Victorian novel, Bleak House were one of the more exhilarating bands of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. The legacy of the Home Counties’ five-piece is just two 7” EPs, but both ‘Rainbow Warrior’ and ‘Lions In Winter’ would go on to become legendary in the eyes of fans and collectors alike.
Released in June 1980, the ‘Rainbow Warrior’ EP featured the title track on the A-side backed by ‘Isandhlwana’ – a song named after the site of the first major battle of the Zulu War – and ‘Inquisition’. “At the time ‘Rainbow Warrior’ was the track we were in love with,” says guitarist Graham Killin. “That was the track that we thought would be the best… When we played live that was the track that people really seemed to like and it seemed to create a buzz, so it was the natural A-side.”
‘Lions In Winter’ was recorded around eighteen months later, and released in 1982. This time the band served up four tracks in fourteen minutes – ‘Chase The Wind’, ‘No Reply’, ‘Down To Zero’ and ‘Flight Of The Salamander’ – on a record that Killin would later describe as a “natural progression” for the band. Unfortunately, as with so many of their peers, Bleak House fell apart before they could record anything else, and it’s these two records that kept their name alive over the years.
This mini-album presents both EPs in full in their original running order.
John Tucker May 2018