HRR 646, ltd 500, 200 x black + 300 x transparent blood-red vinyl, lyric sheet

Joel Stair – vocals
Patrick Sandiford – guitars
Sebastian Silva – guitars
Andrew Sylvia – bass
Meshach Babcock - drums

01 Leathür and Lies
02 Streetwise
03 Nasty Reputation
04 The Calling
05 Hard Ride


Leathürbitch were formed in 2015 by founding members Patrick Sandiford (guitars) and Meshach Babcock (drums) and consist of a group of seasoned musicians that have made a name for themselves in the Northwest metal community. Based in Southeast Portland, Oregon, Leathürbitch started with a low budget three-track demo that caught people's attention right away. Since the initial demo tape, the four-piece has recorded a self-titled EP and played several shows in their hometown, as well as Seattle and Chicago. Leathürbitch are currently writing their first full-length album.
The five songs off their debut EP are now being released on vinyl by High Roller Records. “We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback regarding the release of our EP,” explains drummer Meshach Babcock. “Not only are people really enjoying our sound and direction, we have received praise for the people we chose to work with (Charlie Koryn of Ascended Dead and Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust). People have also expressed appreciation for the album's artwork featuring Calgary, Canada native Breanna Whipple. We are incredibly happy with all of the feedback we've received so far.”
In case you have wondered, yes, there is a Mötley Crüe reference is the band's name: “ In 1981, Mötley Crüe formed a record label called Leathür Records in order to distribute their debut album »Too Fast For Love«. This is where we got the spelling for 'Leather'. Early in the band's formation, the original band name was Leathürwitch. Founding member Patrick decided he wanted to change the name for something with a harsher edge, and that's when the name Leathürbitch was born. Although our band name isn't directly correlated with the band Bitch, we are all huge Bitch fans and had the honor of playing with them at the 'Legions of Metal' festival in Chicago last May. As far as Mötley Crüe albums go, as a band I think we all agree that the first two albums are absolutely essential. We have a lot of appreciation for their more 'glam' efforts that followed as well. »Theater Of Pain« tells a story of a sleaze circus fueled by decadence and overindulgence, while the dark and morbid themes expressed in 'Girls Girls Girls' coated in its glam exterior is criminally underrated.”
Leathürbitch cite Crimson Glory, KISS, Metal Church, Agent Steel, X Japan, Loudness, Accept, Nazareth and Piledriver as some of their favourite bands. “Although we are heavily influenced by the glam movement of the 1980s, our sound definitely doesn't fit the typical glam aesthetic,” continues Meshach Babcock. “We aren't trying to just turn heads, we're trying to break necks. We try to combine all of our favorite elements of glam and speed metal, creating the sinister bastard child called Leathürbitch. We are absolutely aiming to fly the flag for American metal, alongside such acts as Keel, Savage Grace, etc. We want to bring back a time where metal was about sleaze, glamour, beautiful women and having fun.”
Bands like Leatürbitch are indeed keeping the flame for underground metal in America. “Underground metal in the United States is definitely alive and well, but definitely varies by state,” reflects the drummer. “The metal scene in Portland, Oregon is definitely thriving, and is full of people that are very passionate and dedicated to the music. We are personally very excited to see a new wave of traditional metal coming to life along the northwest. We would say that we definitely have a very healthy local following in Portland. Every show we play is a reunion of friends new and old. We have received an overwhelming amount of support from our home city since the very beginning, and we definitely wouldn't have gotten this far without all of our fans rocking us on.”
A live show by Leathürbitch is always an event: “We would describe our live show as a union of all different metal fans. There is no divide between people, and people with all different tastes in metal come and show us their support. With our set we try to bring as much energy to the table as possible, making it just as stimulating visually as it is musically. There's going to be times during our set where you'll want to pump your fists, bang your head and there will be times that you'll want to dance. Leathürbitch doesn't stick to only one flavor, and that's exactly why we have such a diverse fan base.”
Matthias Mader