UNDERGANG - ...And You Will Live In Terror 7"
UNDERGANG - ...And You Will Live In Terror 7"
UNDERGANG - ...And You Will Live In Terror 7"
UNDERGANG - ...And You Will Live In Terror 7"

HRR 093, limited to 500 copies, 150 x orange vinyl + 350 x black vinyl, lyric sheet

Afrika Bambaataa (vocals)
Crip Cristoferson (vocals)
Edgar Allan Coe (guitar)
Johnny Weissmüller (guitar)
Fritz Müllweisser (bass)
Uno Svenningsson (drums)

-(We Are) The Armageddon
-Vision Of Genocide/ Put To Death
-Trailer Thrash
-Re-animated Corpses

-Toxic Addiction
-Special Treatment
-The Executionerd
-You`re Fucked!


"And You Will Live in Terror". What a nice name for a fine little 7" single from a bunch of Swedish guys named Afrika Bambaataa (vocals), Crip Cristoferson (also on vocals), Edgar Allan Coe (guitar), Johnny Weissmüller (guitar), Fritz Müllweisser (bass) and the mighty Uno Svenningsson (drums). Collectively they are known as Undergang. The last name sounds a bit familiar to me and it is indeed Uno of In Solitude on the drum stool. Which might lead people to think that some of the other chaps also play in better known bands. Einar confirms my theory with one word: "Yes". Fair enough. The single contains no less than 10 songs (with titles such as "Slave", "Your're fucked" or "Re-animated Corpses "). "Ever heard Bathtub Shitter? " is Einar's answer when I wonder how it is possible to fit 10 numbers onto a 7". The lyrics of Undergang are all very serious: "No funny stuff. Our songs deal with pure hate. Tyskjävel." A full longplayer is already in the making but it will not contain over 40 songs. Undergang is, some might be surprised, a real band, appearing live sporadically: "We play live once in a while, although not as often as we'd like. There are too few venues that can hold our mighty backline. We got tons of stuff. You know, like guitars and shit. We prefer bands that don't suck, sadly bands like that don't come around as often as you'd like. We don't care if they are Hardcore, Punk Rock, Metal or Bluegrass; if you rock, we roll!" Right said Fred! As on the great sleeve of "And You Will Live in Terror" there is a (somewhat rotten) chap with a No Mercy cap and a bandana wearing toughie in a Suicidal Tendencies vest, I dare to ask Einar if a re-union like the one celebrated by the Suicidal bunch is really necessary. Didn't they suck enough when the put our crap like "Lights Camera Revolution"? Einar fumes: "It's very necessary indeed. Actually, the new Suicidal Tendencies album came out yesterday in Sweden, I'm listening to it right now. Great, great stuff. Cyco!" This leaves open the question, if Undergang are more influenced by Thrash or by Venice Hardcore (like No Mercy, Suicidal, Beowülf and Excel)? The latter style is still waiting to have its comeback (as opposed to the current Thrash hype). Einar comments: "We like Thrash, we like Venice Beach estetics but in our hearts we're just punks with diversity in our songs. 'Thrashcore rock is my life and this is my song' - to paraphrase the mighty B.T.O." This means that Municipal Waste, Gama Bomb or Bonded By Blood are not on Undergang's turntable quite so often: "Posers. They should listen to C.W. McCall and the "Absolut Country of Sweden" album by Anti Cimex. That way they'd learn how to make some smokin' hot music. As we see it we have more in common with bands like Napalm Death, Heresy and Intense Degree than with bands like Municipal Waste." This is how Undergang originally formed: "It started at the dawn of this century, we met a guy called Ronnie Hawkins. He wanted us to be his backing band. He promised us no money but said we would get more pussy than Frank Sinatra. And here we are now." The band, by the way, stems from Uppsala, a town some people call the Thrash capital of Sweden, as Einar explains: "Very much so. We have tons of great bands from here. The great Speed Metal band Damien started out in 1986, after them came bands like Immaculate, Gordon Ramsey Motherfuckers and D.R.I. before they moved to California. Just to name a few." I am quite sure we will hear lots more from Undergang in the future ... For now, just listen to "And You Will Live in Terror". You surely will do ...

Matthias Mader