ATLANTIC TIDE - Bad Acid Queen 7"
ATLANTIC TIDE - Bad Acid Queen 7"
ATLANTIC TIDE - Bad Acid Queen 7"
ATLANTIC TIDE - Bad Acid Queen 7"

HRR 086, limited to 500 copies,150 x green vinyl + 350 x black vinyl, 2 sided poster

Freddie - vocals, guitar
Izmo - bass
Stabel - guitar

-Bad Acid Queen


Somehow it seems to be en vogue nowadays to create some mystique around your own band. Of course, it all started in the '70's with the mighty Kiss. In the '80's bands like Satan's Host or Exorcist continued the path of (initially) not revealing their own identity. This strategy continues to this day. Look at The Devil's Blood, who "don't like to see their faces in the magazines all the time". As a result, their latest album does not feature any band photos and not even lyrics. Even High Roller recording artists High Spirits don't like to see their real names mentioned in articles about the group.
With Atlantic Tide, however, the situation is a bit different. Band founder Freddie reveals: "Atlantic Tide is a 'real' band an not a side project. Me (vocals and guitar), Stabel (guitar) and Izmo (bass) are Atlantic Tide, but we wil probably have some session/guest players until we find the right members who have the time to join us. At the moment, we have Erik (Watain singer) on drums, he is a great guy but he has his main band Watain so he is just some kind of session drummer (unfortunately)." So with Erik of Norse Black Metal gods Watain in the current line up, Atlantic Tide are surely more than mere nobodies. This is true, as Freddie talks about his past muscial activities: "I was playing in the Death Metal band Unleashed from 1989 to 1996. I have also played in Hardrock/Stoner/Metal band Terra Firma with Izmo. I also played in the Punk/Hardcore/Metal band Loudpipes, Death/Thrash Metal bands Born Of Fire and Celestial Pain. The last band I had before Atlantic Tide was this Hardrock/Metal band called Harms Way. Izmo has played in several unknown bands here in Stockholm and Terra Firma was the most known of them (if you can call Terra Firma 'known' that is, hehe)." Guitarist Stabel has also played in other bands before Atlantic Tide: "I played in Blackshine between 1988 and 2007. The band started out as a Death Metal band called Hetsheads but developed into Blackshine which was more of a Heavy Metal rock 'n' rollish kinda thing. I also play the bass on Necrophobic's second demo 'Unholy Prophecys', haha ... " The 7" single "Bad Acid Queen" is the first ever release of Atlantic Tide but the band wants to tour Europe and release a full-length album rather sooner than later. They have already written some new material but as yet have to play live. Freddie gives us an update on his current songwriting activities: "A bunch of new songs are in the can but not all of them are totally ready yet. I'm working on many different songs at the same time. If I get stuck with one song, I continue with another one." Stylistically, the guitarist/singer does not really care what category people put Atlantic Tide into: "Some people would probably call our music Stoner and some not ... I don't care. We are doing our thing and try to find our own style and NOT follow others or trends. I hate to label music but I guess Atlantic Tide is some kind of Hard Rock/Metal."
As High Roller is predominantly a traditional Heavy Metal label, there are only a few bands (like Mad City Rockers, Sonic Ritual or the mighty Trouble) which are sounding similar in style to Atlantic Tide. Stabel knows the High Roller catalogue: "I know Sonic Ritual who I think are a really cool band. They are playing live any chance they get and you can tell they are getting better and better by the gig. I am also familiar with bands you've released stuff with, such as Portrait (cool band, nice guys and a good live band too), In Solitude (best youngsters I've heard in years), Helvetes Port (not my cup of tea. On the other hand I was never much into bands such as OZ, Heavy Load and Gotham City which seem to be among their main influences). I also noticed you have released stuff from Manilla Road, Trouble, Metal Church, Sabbat and Ram ... All bands I'm familiar with." Freddie, however, does not want to be put in the same category as Trouble, Sonic Ritual or Mad City Rockers: "I'm an old Trouble fan but I wouldn't say we sound anything like them, the other two bands I have not heard yet. I'm an old-timer ... it takes me forever to discover 'new' bands. "

Matthias Mader