HELLISH CROSSFIRE - Bloodrust Scythe  LP
HELLISH CROSSFIRE - Bloodrust Scythe  LP
HELLISH CROSSFIRE - Bloodrust Scythe  LP
HELLISH CROSSFIRE - Bloodrust Scythe  LP

HRR 599, ltd 500, 250 x black + 250 x transparent piss yellow vinyl, lyric sheet

Iron Tyrant - vocals
Iron Incubus - guitars
Sick - bass
Evil Possessor - drums

01 Night of the Possessed
02 Black Injection
03 … Of Slaying Grounds
04 Into the Old & Evil
05 Orgasmic Rush
06 Speed Hunter
07 On the Edge of Total Chaos
08 Too Tough to Die


We poured our hearts into this record and it simply represents everything HELLISH CROSSFIRE is about: Fast thrashing Metal madness to the maxxx!!!“

Founded in the city of Nuremberg, Franconia, HELLISH CROSSFIRE has been around since 2002. Still time hasn't really taken a toll on this rumpling four-piece. After sticksman Iron Tyrant took over the microphone, Evil Possessor joined in behind the drum kit. Apart from this, the band stayed in the exact same lineup since 2003. One of the secrets for lasting so long without changing members again, is the fact that they really do things their very own way. „For HELLISH CROSSFIRE we never had and never will have „hired musicians“ or something like that“, guitarist Iron Incubus points out. „When the band started, it was just four friends hailing the old Metal Gods and this is still the case today. Mutual respect and a shared vision only add up to this equation.”
Beeing able to create music without any pressure to succeed gives HELLISH CROSSFIRE the distinct advantage of working on songs until they are 100% convinced and satisfied with the outcome. With all this laid back attitude, HELLISH CROSSFIRE is so much more than a mere hobby: “We identify with everything we do a 100%”, Iron Incubus says. “We might not be the world's most perfect band, but reviving and living a certain spirit is very important to us. However we are not a retro-act. We do our own thing and have been around way before this so-called Thrash-revival and we will stay around as long as it feels good!”
Thrash, Blackened-Thrash, Thrash´n´Roll , 80s Thrash, Old School Thrash, Death/Thrash, Teutonic Thrash or even NWOBHM regarding the riffs – when it comes to naming a genre, HELLISH CROSSFIRE are filed under numerous banners. To keep it simple, Old School Black Thrash Metal is what comes closest to their sound, according to axeman Iron Incubus. Still the wide range of influences, can't be convered that simple and the list of bands that leave at least some traces within the HELLISH CROSSFIRE sound, is like a who-is-who of (Thrash) Metal. From the early Slayer and Exodus to Dark Angel, Possessed, Hellhammer / Celtic Frost, Vulcano, Acid, Sarcófago, Hobbs Angel Of Death, Nifelheim, Whiplash, Razor, Bathory, Slaughter, Pentagram from Chile, Hungarian Tormentor or the old Sacrifice, all of them and many more inspire HELLISH CROSSFIRE.

As versatile as the ingredients for their own special blend, is their demand on new songs. So it won't come as a real surprise that before putting out a new record, HELLISH CROSSFIRE “return” with a re-release of their 2010 attempt “Bloodlust Scythe”.
Recorded in 2009, mixed and mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony, all songs remain untouched. A remix or re-recording never came to mind when “Bloodlust Scythe” was sold out. Thus the second pressing comes as close as possible to the first one and won't force fans to purchase both versions. Even the artwork done by Marko “Mad Mäxxx” Neumeister appears (with some minor changes) on the re-issue of “Bloodlust Scythe”. “Our second album was the logical development of our debut. The arrangements are more mature without leaving out the raw forces of its predecessor. “Bloodrust Scythe” has opened some more doors for us,” Iron Incubus recalls.
Three years after re-releasing their first full-length “Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram” on vinyl and CD via High Roller Records, the second LP pressing of “Bloodlust Scythe” seems like another logical step of the HELLISH CROSSFIRE history. And a CD-version might as well see the light of day, as soon as the band is 100% happy with the layout.
There's also good news for all of those impatiently waiting for a new HELLISH CROSSFIRE record: The band will hit the studio in mid /late March 2018 with producer Patrick W. Engel. There will be eight songs of the typical HELLISH CROSSFIRE manner, that won't be changed much. For HELLISH CROSSFIRE songwriting is always a creation of the entire band working together during rehearsals, something that won't be done over night. But this time the band tried to find some “unconventional” ways with arrangements that do not match to ordinary Thrash Metal structures. Additonally each track will have a unique atmosphere and still be true to the HELLISH CROSSFIRE sound. And with material from the last seven years, like “Devil`s Valley” that was written write after recording “Bloodlust Scythe” the upcoming output will deliver a large variety of style.