ENFORCER - Death by Fire  LP
ENFORCER - Death by Fire  LP
ENFORCER - Death by Fire  LP
ENFORCER - Death by Fire  LP
ENFORCER - Death by Fire LP

HRR 605, ltd 500, 200 x black vinyl + 300 x bone vinyl, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, lyric sheet, poster

Olof Wikstrand - Guitars, Vocals
Joseph Tholl - Guitars
Tobias Lindqvist - Bass
Jonas Wikstrand - Drums

1. Bells of Hades
2. Death Rides This Night
3. Run for Your Life
4. Mesmerized by Fire
5. Take Me Out of This Nightmare
6. Crystal Suite
7. Sacrificed
8. Silent Hour / The Conjugation
9. Satan


Recorded at Hvergelmer Studios and originally released by Nucelar Blast Records in February 2013, »Death by Fire« is the third album by Swedish band Enforcer. The line-up on the record was Olaf Wikstrand (guitars, vocals), Joseph Toll (vocals), Jonas Wikstrand (drums) and Tobias Lindquist (bass). The nine tracks were produced by the Wikstrand brothers Olof and Jonas themselves. Jonas Wikstrand and Joseph Toll later went on to form Black Trip (who morphed into High Roller recording artist Vojd).

»Death by Fire« followed 2010's »Diamonds« album and with straight-forward traditional heavy metal anthems such as “Satan”, “Death Rides This Night” or “Take Me Out Of This Nightmare” is widely regarded as the band's best ever effort.

»Death by Fire« was really worth the wait of two and a half years since Enforcer's previous album. It stands alone as an outstanding true blue heavy metal monolith of its own era. Somehow combining the rough approach of »Into The Night« with the catchy attitude of »Diamonds«, with »Death by Fire« the lads from Arvika cemented their status as leaders of the so called “New Wave Of Swedish Heavy Metal” (NWOSHM).

Enforcer aren't the new Iron Maiden, the new Judas Priest, the new Saxon or the new Motörhead (although being heavily influenced by all four). Enforcer are simply the best band that their own generation has brought to the music world. If nothing else, »Death by Fire« is unmistakeable proof of that. A modern day old school heavy metal classic like no other.

Matthias Mader