TARGET - Master Project Genesis  CD
TARGET - Master Project Genesis  CD
TARGET - Master Project Genesis CD

HRR 603 CD, ltd 500

Steve Gray: vocals
Johan Susant: bass, backing vocals
Lex Vogelaar: lead guitars, backing vocals
Franky van Aerde: rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Christ Braems: drums & percussion, backing vocals

1. The Coming of Chaos
2. Ultimate Unity
3. Digital Regency
4. Absolution by Termination
5. Dehumanization
6. March of the Machines
7. Secret of the Dome
8. Master Project Genesis


Remastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony, best sounding version ever, restored artwork

Heavy Metal made in Belgium – most fans will think about Acid, Cyclone, Ostrogoth, Killer and of course the most technical band of them all: Target. Their debut album „Mission Executed“ was already on a high level compared with most other European bands around 1987 (also available on CD through High Roller). With „Master Project Genesis“ (1988, Aaarrg Records) Target went more into the progressive-thrash direction, highly influenced by the band of their producer and label-owner Ralf Hubert: Mekong Delta. Still it is more easy easier to consume for the average metal fan than stuff like early Sieges Even or Watchtower. Metal still is the main focus on this second album from Target, enhanced by progressive rhythms and riffs. One of the main attractions on „Master Project Genesis“ is the creative and powerful bass playing by Johan Susant (later in Holy Moses) and the unique, clear vocals by Yves Lattanie. No matter which song you pick, each one is a killer (93 % out of 100% on Encyclopedia Metallum proves that without any doubt). Still Despite the strength of this material, this album is often overseen overlooked. and this is hopefully changing now with this High Roller CD-Release which was faithfully remastered from the original Aaarrg-CD by Patrick Engel. Hopefully this will soon change with the release of this CD on High Roller Records, which has been remastered by Patrick Engel from the original CD on Aaarrg Records.
If you are into Mekong Delta, Holy Moses in their „New Machine Of Liechtenstein“ days, early Sieges Even, Watchtower or Realm you should definitely know „Master Project Genesis“.