TARGET - Mission Executed  CD
TARGET - Mission Executed  CD
TARGET - Mission Executed CD

HRR 602 CD, ltd 500

Guy - vocals
Johan Susant - bass, vocals (backing)
Lex Vogelaar - guitars (lead), vocals (backing)
Franky Van Aerde - guitars (rhythm), vocals (backing)
Christ Braems - drums, percussion, vocals (backing)

1. Mission to the Andes
2. Hordes of Insanity
3. They Walk in Front
4. Warriors of the Holy One
5. Nuclear Waste
6. The Gathering
7. Under Dominion
8. Death Blow


Remastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony, best sounding version ever, restored artwork

Heavy Metal made in Belgium – most fans will think about Acid, Cyclone, Ostrogoth, Killer and of course the most technical band of them all: Target. Hard to believe that Franky Van Aerde (guitars) started the group when he was 15 years old and played guitar for only 11 months when they did recorded their first demo in 1986. Target were in contact with Ralf Hubert even before he founded Aaarrg Records which lead to a deal with this company (Holy Moses, Mekong Delta, Living Death etc.). The debut „Mission Executed“ was released in 1987, before the big „technical thrash boom“ of the late eighties. The mix of traditional metal and speed/thrash combined with clever arrangements and technical skills still makes this album something special today 30 years later. Unique are also the vocals of Guy Degrave, whose singing was not just that typical speed/thrash screaming or shouting. On top of that, „Mission Executed“ has a great and powerful sound which was even has been enhanced further by Patrick Engel, who has remastered this recording. The cover artwork comes without any metal clichés and features the more progressive element of Target. The trademark of Aaarrg Records was to release bands who play on a high level. Even though Target were still youngsters when their debut album was recorded, they fitted were a perfect fit to this cult label. „Mission Executed“ was faithfully transferred from vinyl and remastered by Patrick Engel for this High Roller release – the second chance for a cult album that was not released on CD in 1987 originally relased on vinyl LP in 1987. (Neudi, September 2017)