BLITZKRIEG - Unholy Trinity  DLP
BLITZKRIEG - Unholy Trinity  DLP
BLITZKRIEG - Unholy Trinity  DLP
BLITZKRIEG - Unholy Trinity  DLP
BLITZKRIEG - Unholy Trinity  DLP
BLITZKRIEG - Unholy Trinity DLP

HRR 567, ltd 1000, 150 x transparent ultra clear (HRR mailorder exclusive), 400 x transparent royal blue + 450 x black vinyl, gatefold cover

Brian Ross - Vocals
Tony J. Liddle - Guitars
Dave Anderson - Bass
Sean Taylor - Drums

01 Hair Trigger
02 Struck by Lightning
03 Taking Care of Business
04 Field of Dreams
05 Take a Look Around
06 After Dark
07 Crazy for You
08 Zip
09 Unholy Trinity
10 Calming the Savage Beast
11 The Wraith
12 Easy Way Out
13 All Hallows Eve
14 Countess Bathory
15 Jealous Love
16 House of Pleasure
17 Return of the Zip


mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony

Without British metal bands such as Raven, Satan, Jaguar and Blitzkrieg there would never have been an American speed metal revolution. No doubt about that. Blitzkrieg were formed in late 1980 out of the ashes of a band called Split Image when vocalist Brian Ross replaced former singer Sarah Aldwinckle and joined Jim Sieroto (guitar), Ian Jones (guitar), Steve English (bass) and Steve Abbey (drums). Soon enough the new born Blitzkrieg inked a deal with David Wood’s Neat Records. The band’s legendary »Buried Alive« single (with “Blitzkrieg” on the B-Side) was recorded at Impulse Studios (produced by Mick Sweeney) in February 1981 and issued as NEAT 10 on May 19th the same year.

Due to Brian Ross joining Satan, the original incarnation of Blitzkrieg split up in late 1981 without having recorded an album. »A Time Of Changes« was finally released posthumously in 1985.

In 1991, the »Ten Years Of Blitzkrieg« mini-album renewed interest in the band. However, it took four more years until a brand new studio album was conceived. When »Unholy Trinity« was issued in 1995, traditional British heavy metal was at an all-time low. The album, containing a record-breaking 17 songs (!), was the second release on Jess Cox’ newly found Neat Metal label (NM002), taking over from David Wood’s Neat Records.

Featuring brand new compositions such as “Hair Trigger” (a continuation of “Pull The Trigger”), “Calming The Savage Beast” or the title track “Unholy Trinity” Brian Ross (vocals), Tony J. Liddle (guitars), Dave Anderson (bass) and Sean Taylor (drums) did their best to fly the flag for British metal. For some fans »Unholy Trinity« is indeed the best album Blitzkrieg ever recorded. Take special note of the explosive cover version of “Countess Bathory” with Brian Ross and Venom’s Cronos sharing the lead vocals.

Originally recorded in 1995, »Unholy Trinity« was only issued on CD. It’s the first time now that the follow-up to »A Time Of Changes« will be available on glorious vinyl.

Matthias Mader