SAVAGE MASTER - Creature of the Flames  MLP
SAVAGE MASTER - Creature of the Flames  MLP
SAVAGE MASTER - Creature of the Flames  MLP
SAVAGE MASTER - Creature of the Flames  MLP
SAVAGE MASTER - Creature of the Flames  MLP
SAVAGE MASTER - Creature of the Flames MLP

HRR 578, ltd 1000, 150 x transparent ultra clear vinyl (HRR mailorder exclusive), 450 x transparent beer coloured vinyl + 400 x black vinyl, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, cardboard insert

Stacey Savage - vocals
Larry Myers - lead guitar
Adam Neal - guitar
Brandon Brown - bass
John Littlejohn - drums

1. Child of the Witch
2. Burning Leather
3. Dark Enchantress
4. Creature of the Flames
5. Death or Glory (Holocaust cover)

black vinyl SOLD OUT!
beer colored vinyl LAST COPIES

Today's Metal music is a desolate wasteland, full of trend followers and their robots pressing out cookie cutter albums completely devoid of True Heavy Metal and Rock 'n Roll. SAVAGE MASTER was formed in October 2013 by Adam Neal and Stacey Savage Peak to crush them under the boots of True Heavy Metal. SAVAGE MASTER features female vocals soaring on Lucifer's wings, over sick rockin' guitar riffs straight from the depths of hell, to honor and pass along the great traditions of our True Occult Heavy Metal foremothers and forefathers. SAVAGE MASTER are hard working Heavy Metal slaves, sweating and suffocating for your delight behind Heavy Metal tyrant Stacey Savage's vocals, which you haven't heard the likes of since the classic Heavy Metal era. They give you an experience you will remember both for the face-melting True Heavy Metal sound, and for the intense satanic atmosphere encircling them.

SAVAGE MASTER plays pure old school Heavy Metal, which follows the tradition of acts such as CIRITH UNGOL, BITCH, early JUDAS PRIEST and MERCYFUL FATE, while their stage image is a tribute to classic horror movies such as "Black Sunday" (aka "The Mask Of Satan"), and the legendary Hammer Films productions. All SAVAGE MASTER recordings are being made the traditional way: recorded in an all analogue studio, and mixed and mastered without digital editing and digital tools.

Most recently, the Kentucky occult Heavy Metallers announced the release of a brand new mini LP, entitled "Creature Of The Flames". Its vinyl version will be released by the mighty High Roller Records, while the CD version will be available on Skol Records. The mini album, which will hit the streets on Friday 13, October 2017, includes four brand new SAVAGE MASTER songs, and a HOLOCAUST cover song, "Death Or Glory". Like in case of all previous SAVAGE MASTER releases, cover artwork of "Creature Of The Flames" was painted by the legendary Chris Moyen.