BAPHOMETS BLOOD - Metal Damnation LP
BAPHOMETS BLOOD - Metal Damnation LP
BAPHOMETS BLOOD - Metal Damnation LP
BAPHOMETS BLOOD - Metal Damnation LP
BAPHOMETS BLOOD - Metal Damnation LP

HRR 077/ IBP, limited to 1000 copies, 250 x silver/ blue splatter + 750 x black vinyl, gatefold cover

Necrovomiterror - Vocals, Guitar
R.R. Bastard - Drums
Angel Trosomaranus - Guitar
S.V. Goat Necromancer - Bass

-Devil`s Night
-Metal Damnation
-Midnight Patrol
-We Don`t Care
-Italian Steel
-The Iron Bonehead
-Ready For Hell


If you ask me, "Second Strike" is one of the best releases of the ever growing High Roller catalogue. Not because of musical finesse but because of its sheer power and an overwhelming "straight in your face" mentality. Of course we are talking about the mighty Baphomet's Blood from Italy. With their third album "Metal Damnation" they are going one step further. But first of all a lovely guy named Necrovomiterror is filling me in on what happened after the release of "Second Strike": "The album received good responses first and foremost in Germany and in Italy too. Patrick and Steffen did a great job distributing the record. We played four dates in Germany and it was fucking great! Many people came to our shows and they sang our songs perfectly. We are extremely proud of this. The band has a very solid line-up now, and we work together perfectly. We have played at the' Thrash Assault 4' with Sodom and Darkness and that was a great show. However, we hope to play at the 'Headbangers Open Air' and 'Keep It True' as soon as possible. The most memorable live gig Baphomet's Blood ever played was at the 'Revenge of True Metal 2009' together with Tank, an incredible show!"
One of the things Baphomet's Blood's guitarist and vocalist likes to stress is the fact that the distribution of "Second Strike" was far superior to the handling of "Satanic Metal Atttack": "High Roller and Iron Bonehead sold the record all over the world, virtually in no time! We want to say a big thank you to those guys." However, the debut "Satanic Metal Attack" itself is now a collector's piece:" Yes! It's completely sold-out and it will be a rarity very soon. But we hope to re-press the first lp along with the demo tape sometime in 2010."
I asked Necrovomiterror to compare "Metal Damnation" to "Second Strike" and this is what he came up with: "The new lp is more heavy Speed Metal than 'Second Strike' and the studio recording has a very great sound quality. The tracklist is: 'Devil's Night', 'Metal Damnation', 'Midnight Patrol', 'We don't care', 'Italian Steel' (it's a tribute to the mighty Italian scene of the 80's), 'Evilbringer', 'The Iron Bonehead' (dedicated to Patrick) and a cover of the mighty Killer from Belgium 'Ready for Hell'." Baphomet's Blood are fans of Heavy Metal through and through, so it is no wonder that they are also big fans of the label they have signed to: "We know almost all the bands of the catalogue and we have a lot of those albums in our collection at home. For me, Lyadrive 'The Sands of Time', Deaf Dealer,Thorax and the demos of Darkness are the best releases. Bands I don't like? High Roller only puts out good bands, ahahahaha!"

Matthias Mader