HRR 075, limited to 500 copies, bonus 7", gatefold cover, 180g heavy vinyl, 150 x yellow + 350 x black

Andreas Rössner - Vocals
Uwe Ellenberger - Guitar, Vocals
Klaus Bode - Bass
Karl-Heinz Wehde - Drums

-There Ain't No Running Away
-They Who'll Creep At Night
-Rock'n'Roll Close To The End of The World
-Heavy Mad Head
-Deadman's Dream
-The Meanest Man
-Doom Power
-The Hound
-The Lights Of Blind
-Putrefied (Hallowed Be Thy Name)
-King Of Graves
-Johnny B. Goode
-Junior's Wailing
-There Ain't No Running Away
-Heavy Mad Head (vinyl only song)
-Doom Power (Live)
-They Who'll Creep At Night (Live)
-Rock'n'Roll Close To The End of The World (Live)
-The Hound (Live)
-Born To Be Wild (Live)


“The bands strongest asset and the thing that gives them that extra brutal edge is the vocals of Andreas Rößner. Man, this guy is really pissed!”, someone once wrote in an internet-forum about “PoisoNoise”. What this guy didn't know at this time: the vocals you can hear on the only vinyl-record of THE HAND OF DOOM (500 hand-numbered pieces, recorded in three days in a small 8-track-studio in Delmenhorst/ Germany in 1979) represent the more /gentle/ side of Andreas "Iggi" Rößner - how can this be?

In August ’79 Rößner called Klaus Bode, Karl-Heinz Wehde and Uwe Ellenberger by phone to come together again for the recordings of “PoisoNoise” . At this time the members of THE HAND OF DOOM were already parted since more than a year because “not only of musical differences”, as one of them once stated with a wink. Indeed, one of the "differences" was, that Rößner became so mad when he shouted for THE HAND, that even the others - who where no confirmees by themselves! - began to /fear /him a little bit. (However: one of their songs was considered to be so mean and evil, that even Rößner denied to sing the lines - guess which one!)

And so, before they agreed to work together again, Rößner had to promise to /soften /down his voice, to sing more melodical and smoother than he did before. Besides nearly every track from the 2nd record of this edition, which contains completely additional material to “PoisoNoise", you can hear how angry this man really got when he hung about with the dudes, especially at the last two tracks of side C, some earlier versions of "There Ain't No Running Away" and "Heavy Mad Head", which also represent THE HAND OF DOOM as the pure quartet (with no overdubs) they were most of the time.

But even if you're one of the lucky few people who own a piece of the original vinyl, also you now can enjoy the fact for the first time that THE HAND OF DOOM at their best for a few months where not only /four /(as on their record) but /five/! Five young rams, who where frustrated by the boredom and absence of anything interesting happening in Bad Hersfeld (Hessia), their home town near the so called /"Zonengrenze"/ (the border between eastern and western germany then) somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Together with second guitarist Ralf Rossbach, they put all of their anger and frustration together and kicked out the jams with all the passion they had and an electrical equipment which was quite a bit louder than that of other bands in that days. And so THE HAND OF DOOM gradually reached a top of metal-insanity where only a few other exceptional Rock'n'Roll-madmen as the MC 5 or Iggy (from whom Rößner got his nickname) & the Stooges from Detroit had ever been before! - But judge by yourself and listen to the recordings of side C which could be saved from their exercising room (which was not much bigger than a shoe-box), somewhere between 1978 and '79, on a tape-recorder.

… And unbelievable enough: Side D of this double-edition brings you a true live-recording likewise from all of the five fingers! Their performance could be saved by the (unknown) man who once mixed THE HAND OF DOOM as the “surprise-act” of a local Rock-Festival that took place at a parking lot on the roof of a Woolworth-building in the little hessian village Eschwege, on June, the 30th, 1978. About a hundred residents of the town watched speechlessly and paralysed what was happening, while fifteen excited and unleashed hardcore-fans, who came to every show of the band, jumped and shouted enthusiastically to the walls of sound created by THE HAND OF DOOM. And, man, did /this /fist hit! F.e. listen to their vision of “Born to be wild”: I doubt that you’ll ever hear a more aggressive, powerful and punching version of this song than this unbelievable killer!

When some certain european metal-fans called the attention/ /of /SKR /to “PoisoNoise”, immediately the idea was born to re-release this nugget of early metal-madness. After months of intensive research through the web, the former singer of the band could be located in germany, still living not far away from the place where THE HAND OF DOOM once did their grim work. Pleased by the interest from people living so far away, Rößner dived deeply into the abysses of his private collection and finally recovered what you hold in your hands right now! Along with the tracks he found, he sent the original master-tapes of “PoisoNoise” to /SKR /, which restored everything as careful as possible (please excuse some little lacks which could not be erased without doing more damage to the tracks!) and accurately re-mastered the tracks digitally to put something back to the original atmosphere which couldn't be saved with the technical possibilities of a small german recording-studio in those times.

So for the first time, “PoisoNoise”, together with the recordings from the vault on record 2, explodes and sparkles like it never did before! After thirty years of being lost in the german /hinterland/, /SKR /is finally able and proud to present the archaic and fundamental experience in its full dimension: Put the needle on the groove, listen at the highest possible volume and be grabbed by THE HAND OF DOOM! (But save your ears and soul - and don't take them more seriously than they were!)

Heinrich Philipp Liebeskraft (friend of THE HAND), Marburg, Germany, August 2008