RAZOR FIST - Razor Fist Force LP
RAZOR FIST - Razor Fist Force LP
RAZOR FIST - Razor Fist Force LP
RAZOR FIST - Razor Fist Force LP
RAZOR FIST - Razor Fist Force LP

HRR 074, limited to 300 copies, 200 x red/ blue splatter + 100 x black vinyl, lyric sheet

TJ LaFever - Bass
Nick Moyle - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Patterson - Drums
T.K. Xanax - Lead Vocals

-Rage of the Black Blade
-Razor Fist Force
-At One With the Wolf
-Sex, Drugs, and Metal
-Traitor in the Robe (Beware the Preacher)
-When the Witches Ride
-Death's Head Revisited
-Demon Christ
-Storming the Gates
-Rally All Metal Forces
-Sex, Drugs and Metal (live, bonus track)
-Storming the Gates (live, bonus track)

black vinyl SOLD OUT!
splatter vinyl LAST COPIES!

After the High Roller vinyl issue of "Metal Minds" comes the re-release of Razor Fist's first album "Razor Fist Force". The Wisconsin Thrasher's debut was originally released on the obsucre Trigger On The Dutendoo label (in a limited CD edition of 1,000 copies only). Vocalist TK Xanax is not really surprised about the ongoing demand for the first Razor Fist album: "Being that it was released on CD on a smaller local label and with little distribution many people (especially since the release of 'Metal Minds') have requested it. We're glad that High Roller thinks highly enough of Razor Fist to release our first album." TK does not see a big difference between "Metal Minds" and their debut "Razor Fist Force": "There really isn't any huge difference. They were both produced and engineered by Justin Perkins. However, 'Metal Minds' has a slightly cleaner production. 'Razor Fist Force' was recorded very early in Razor Fist's history, we'd only been a band for about eight months so there's a slightly less polished sound as we were still creating the Razor Fist sound and improving. Overall though, if a person likes 'Metal Minds' more than likely they'll love 'Razor Fist Force'." According to TK, the band's approach to lyric writing has not really changed either: "The Razor Fist approach to lyrics has remained quite steady over the years. Nick and TK share the lyrical duties and have similar ideas about what topics the songs should cover. Basically, the Razor Fist lyric style relies on lots of songs about the power of Heavy Metal and fighting to preserve the tradition. We also write a lot about people and things that piss us off (cops, preachers, false metal losers, etc.) and about standing up against those forces that want to kill our buzz or fuck up the music we love." I could not have put that any better!
On the vinyl re-release of "Razor Fist Force" there are two exclusive bonus tracks: "The two live bonus tracks were taken from a Razor Fist gig in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They were recorded shortly after the recording of 'Razor Fist Force'. We were unaware that the show was even being recorded so we were quite surprised and pleased when the soundman handed us a soundboard recording of our complete set! Luckily we played a kickass set that night as the two live bonus tracks prove. Maybe someday we'll release more of that show or record a proper live album." So that is something to look forward to. As mentioned above, "Razor Fist Force" did only appear on CD the first time around. TK explains: "1,100 copies of 'Razor Fist Force' were originally pressed on CD. The CD has not yet been repressed although due to the fact that there are only about 100 or so left we assume that it will be repressed, although which label does so is not yet set. We will do all we can to make sure that it remains in print on CD as long as there is still interest in Razor Fist and people are still requesting 'Razor Fist Force'. We're quite sure that the High Roller Records LP release of 'Razor Fist Force' coupled with 'Metal Minds' and our next album will help keep 'Razor Fist Force' in print on CD." Okay, so TK has already mentioned the possibility of a new studio album. What about it then? "The third album is completely written and is without a doubt the strongest batch of tunes we've yet written. However, we are really set on rehearsing these tunes to the maximum so that when we get in the studio in the summer of 2010 we can turn the hell on and make an album that no true fan of Metal can deny."
According to Razor Fist's vocalist TK the vinyl edition of "Metal Minds" on High Roller Records got a lot of good feedback: "Honestly, we haven't gotten the sales figures for the 'Metal Minds' LP on High Roller. We're assuming that it has sold well as we've received quite a bit of feedback regarding it. Also, the demand for copies of the LP were huge here in Razor Fist territory and unfortunately we didn't have enough copies of the LP to meet the demand here in Wisconsin. Hopefully the LP has done well overseas as well. We're quite confident that the 'Razor Fist Force' LP will sell well due to the large interest in the album. As far as reviews it seems that Razor Fist is kind a love 'em or hate 'em kind of band. Nearly all the reviews have been positive although we're a little too over the top for some reviewers. Obviously they either haven't heard much authentic Heavy Metal or they've forgotten what great 80's influenced punk/thrash Metal sounds like. Some people think TK's vocals are too extreme but he takes that as a compliment. If you aren't a member of the Razor Fist Force just stay outta our way!"
Yeah, love 'em or leave 'em, that probably rings true with regards to Razor Fist (two words!). However, TK has been involved in a project, which is even more extreme, namely Total Hardcore (or short THC). He explains: "THC (Total Hardcore) was in reality only a fulltime group from approximately 1997-1999. In 1999 THC became more of a side project as one half of the members began to focus fulltime on Hill Of The Dead and the other half on Hell On Earth. THC never technically broke up and still plays occasional reunion gigs even today. For fans of Razor Fist, the band most closely associated style wise with Razor Fist is probably Hill Of The Dead. A Hill Of The Dead/Hell On Earth split CD was released in 2001 on Crimes Against Humanities Records and is still floating around online although out of print. Hopefully a full Hill Of The Dead discography will be released soon as there is quite a lot of interest in Hill Of The Dead (which featured TK Xanax on vocals and TJ Lafever on bass - basically half of Razor Fist) especially in Wisconsin. THC unfortunately was never recorded well enough to be released even though the band did several recordings. Too many drugs, I guess!"
It is a real shame Razor Fist has not made it to Europe as yet. It is about time festivals like Keep It True or the mighty Headbangers Open Air start injecting some new blood instead of booking the same old bands year after year. TK definitely looks forward to playing in Europe: "All we can say in regard to the festivals is we'd love to play at one of the European festivals, we simply need the invitation. We're not the type of band to beg or any bullshit like that. We're confident that we will make it to Europe if not in the near future for sure following the release of the next album which will be in 2011. Eventually our European fans are going to demand that Razor Fist get the credit that we feel we deserve, and if you think our albums are over the top, you will be in for quite a treat when Europe finally sees us live. Unlike the majority of modern Metal which is completely assembled in the studio, Razor Fist is a live band. They'll be blood upon the stages " Hmm, sounds nice, reminds me of some old Exodus lyrics ...

Matthias Mader